Friday, April 30, 2010

HIS goes to DC

I just returned home this morning from a 6 day trip to our nation's capital. I made the journey with over 250 students, parents, and other teachers from my school. We drove 13 hours there and back with 5 buses, spent so much time on the buses that they became our home, slept 4-5 hours each night, hit the ground running nonstop each day, saw a little bit of everything, ate fried chicken more times than I could count, and had more fun than should be legally allowed. Everybody got along for the most part, which I think is impressive considering we were together in tight quarters all day every day. I'll write more about my adventures in the big city later before I forget everything. Until then, I'm going to end with my favorite picture of the whole week. We visited the Vietnam Memorial at sunset one evening and I noticed the Washington Monument reflected in one of the panels. I turned my flash off and ended up with something I'm really excited about.

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  1. What an amazing shot. I know you had a blast. so did little man.


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