Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekends are my thing

Last Saturday was surely one of the most gorgeous weekends in the entire existence of spring. Surely.

The temperature was in the 70s, quite a nice change from the high 80s we've had lately. (What was up with that, by the way? I was not a fan.)

There was a delightful breeze. The sky was blue. The birds were chirping. The pollen...washed away by the rain we got earlier. Excellent.

I made a trip to the ol' homestead to visit with the fam. Daddy and I worked in the yard, and then we listened to Prairie Home Companion (a Saturday evening staple) on the front porch and I piddled around with my camera. What a perfect day; life is good!

{photo op before weeding...he and Dorothy are obsessed with each other}

{Weeding is more fun if there's a beer involved...or so I'm told.}

{finally fixed the tree face}

{playing like a puppy...haven't seen her move like that in years!}

{I absolutely adore the view from the front porch.}

Blessings to you and yours this weekend, friends! Get out there and live it.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This week has sprouted wings and literally flown away. Where did it go? I'm just holding on tight and trying to enjoy the ride! Today I am thankful for...
  • the unending, never-failing grace of the good Lord
  • my family and friends
  • my health, and the health of my loved ones
  • my job, my coworkers, our lovely building, and the wonderful little people I spend my days with
  • the stack of papers I need to grade tonight, because that means I have a job
  • a great workshop yesterday, and getting to see some former Auburn classmates/former, unexpected reunion!
  • the aforementioned workshop serving as a reminder of the kind of teacher I want to be
  • hot showers and clean, running water absolutely any time I want it
  • a roof over my head, food in my fridge, clothes in my closet, shoes on my feet, electricity, a darling little car that gets really great gas mileage
  • just enough money to get me through the month and, coming up tomorrow, PAYDAY :)
  • optimism
  • a killer walk this evening...I walked my legs off but it feels so good
  • beautiful spring weather
  • my pretty little plants growing and thriving...I love growing things
  • a wonderful weekend last week, and a much-anticipated one this week
  • contentment and peace
  • healthy pregnancies and babies for some dear girls in my life...more babies coming soon! Love :)
  • deciding to paint my toenails and wear sandals to work today...spring is officially here
  • the opportunity to see some former students today at the band/show choir always makes me happy to see my former schoolbabies thriving in their new "big kid lives"
  • fun trips to look forward to
  • random, weirdo links via emails from this article and then remind yourself: these people walk among us. Yep.
  • getting to catch up with Neeley earlier this week, only wish it were under happier circumstances...I know she and her family would appreciate your prayers
  • cleaning house, literally and figuratively...refreshing and certainly for the best
  • people who pay attention to their grammar
  • good manners
  • finding and reading an old journal...what a perspective check! Great reminder that my plan is very often not the best one...I need to let God drive more often :)
  • laughter


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quarter century

{picture stolen shamelessly and without regret from my mama's facebook profile}

Yesterday, my darling little brother turned 25. That's an entire quarter of a century. Since the above picture was taken last week, this comes as a bit of a surprise to me. 25?? Merciful heavens. Time truly does fly!

I adore my brother. This also comes as a surprise to me sometimes, since we spent a very large portion of our growing up years convinced that the other one needed to go find a new family to live with. Thankfully, we finally realized that we actually get along really well.

He celebrated his birthday yesterday by working the night shift at the ER. I'm proud of how well he's doing in his new job as an RN. I'm proud of the man he's growing into. I'm honored that he chooses to include me in his life the way he does.

Happy birthday, Bub!

{Daniel's graduation in December...very proud moment for the fam}

Friday, March 23, 2012

Green Smoothie

This is my new favorite thing, and I feel compelled to share it with yall. I first heard of green smoothies last summer and thought, "Spinach? In a smoothie??" I was not sold. Once I tried it, though, I joined the legions of folks who agreed: you really can't taste the spinach. Really! Life got in the way and I forgot about my green smoothie conversion until recently. I'm sold, again.

I've had one every day for over a week and I've discovered something. It's a secret, so you can't tell anybody. Promise?

Eating good food makes you feel good.

Can you believe it?! What a novel thought! I'm glad I could teach you something new today :)

Over spring break, I've had a green smoothie for breakfast or supper every day. It's quick, easy, tasty, and is great fuel for your body. I've had more energy and just overall feel better (aside from this stupid sinus crud) since I've started eating more real, minimally processed food. The addition of Greek yogurt helps to make this filling enough to be a meal.

Here's my "recipe" if you're interested.

Green Smoothie (about 2 servings)
4-5 cups fresh spinach leaves
1-2 cups water
8 oz. plain Greek yogurt
1 ripe banana (to sweeten...honey or agave nectar could surely be substituted) (Use a frozen banana for a thicker, colder smoothie.)
about 1 cup frozen fruit (mix and match whatever you want)
a few ice cubes (if you like the texture on the icy side)

{Yes. This is a lot of spinach. And when you press the button, it magically reduces by about half. Trust me.}

{Ta-da! What a gorgeous shade of green. Make sure to blend your spinach a little longer than you think it needs, unless you want to encounter little spinach chunks in your smoothie.}

{Assemble the rest of your arsenal. I use a banana* so I won't have to add any other sweeteners, and because I really like bananas. Any combination of frozen fruit will work. And be sure to splurge for Greek yogurt! One serving of it has very little sugar, tons of calcium, and nearly half the protein you need in an entire day. Score.}

{Plop everything on top of your spinachy goodness and let it roll!}

{D.O.N.E. Very tasty, very healthy, and I'll say it again: you can't taste the spinach.}

I usually stick this in the freezer for a few minutes before pouring it, just to make it a bit colder.

I say this makes about two servings because it's enough to fill my cup up twice. Depending on how hungry I am, I sometimes drink both servings. It makes a great snack, too. I just save half for later if I'm making it as a snack. Let me know if you try it. I'd love to know what you think!

*Let the record show that I would never, ever ever ever, eat a banana this brown on its own. Egads. Ick. No. I enjoy bananas, but prefer them on the greenish side if I'm just eating them. In a smoothie, though, I've found that really ripe bananas sweeten much better. Food for thought...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for...
  • the grace of the good Lord, and the patience He extends to me every minute of every day
  • my family and friends...the best in the world
  • my health, and the health of my loved ones...I'm learning to never (ever, ever, ever) take this for granted
  • a roof over my head, shoes on my feet, clothes in my closet, food in my fridge, electricity, clean running water, a dependable car that gets killer gas mileage, enough money to get me through every month
  • strong legs that carry me everywhere I need to go
  • hot showers
  • NetiPots, Mucinex, decongestants, and allergy medicine...literally don't think I could function in the springtime without them!
  • some very much needed rain coming through's hoping it washes all this disgusting pollen away
  • my job, and the fact that it gives me some breaks throughout the year that I enjoy very much
  • after Monday, 41 more school days left...I have a feeling work is about to get really, really busy!
  • the library, the fact that I'm literate, and the fact that I love to read
  • very fun plans/events coming up over the next few months
  • getting back to our walking club...I've missed yall this week!
  • my sudden resolve to use up my vast collection of fabric before I buy anything new...I sorted all of my unused fabric yesterday, and holy moly. I refuse to let myself buy any  more until I've used this up !
  • Dave Ramsey, for instilling in me a desire to make some really wise financial decisions in my young adulthood. I'm realizing more every day what a blessing it is to start making good choices early on, even though I've still got plenty of room to grow :)
  • my rediscovered love of green smoothies...I'll share my "recipe" tomorrow
  • some fun trips to plan...I love getting to see new places
  • good manners, particularly when children have good manners
  • thoughtfulness
  • getting to chat with my mama at least twice a day this week, even if it's just to say hey real quick...the only times we get to do that are when I'm not working
  • a fun cemetery-exploring date with Grandad and whatever assortment of family members decides to show up...this is sure to be an adventure!
  • the sweet little baby sprout that's popped up beside one of my other plants...I hope I can keep it alive! I love that it's even leaning the same way; it wants to be just like its mama :) I'm really, really enjoying watching my plants grow.
{The Student Council gave all the teachers one of these plants for Teacher Appreciation Week last year. What a thoughtful gift!}


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tidbits for your Wednesday evening

Ever feel like you've got a lot to say but none of it is remotely worthwhile? I'm there. Sorry for dragging yall down with me, but it's gotta be done.

*It seems that nearly everybody I know has recently birthed, is currently (as in today) birthing, or will (in the next few months) birth a new babe...holy baby boom! How fun it is to have lots of sweet babies to love on and then hand back over to their mamas :)

*When we return from spring break, there will be 41 schooldays left until summer break. Take out a week for the D.C. trip, a week for testing, a few days for end-of-the-year festivities...this whole thing just got reallllly doable.

*I'm thinking of starting myself a little sewing business this summer. I'm working right now to create a bit of an inventory. This makes me a bit nervous because what if I do all this sewing and then, um, nobody wants to buy my stuff? In that case, I guess I'd just have baby shower gifts for the next 11 years squared away!

*Spring break is awesome. I'm really good at it.

*I recently finished reading my newest library book, Bringing up Bebe. It was very, very fascinating. The author (an American woman raising three children in Paris) compares/contrasts French and American parenting styles. While I have no children of my own, as a teacher, I'm very interested in child rearing. I learned so much while reading it, and would consider it worth buying if I'm blessed with kids of my own someday. Have any of you read it? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

*Mimi took me to Cottontails at the beginning of the month. It's one of those crafty shows that Southern women so love. She treated me (and herself) to some lovely, all-natural skin care items and I'm now a really large fan. We met the lady who makes the products in her hometown of Enterprise, and she's got a really great philosophy (and gorgeous skin). Check it out at Boll Weevil Soap Company. Your skin will thank you.

*I've been drinking green smoothies every day since spring break started. I was very skeptical when I first heard of blending spinach up into a fruit smoothie but I can't tell it's there! So good, and it makes me feel like I'm giving my body some really good fuel. I'll share the "recipe" soon.

*Have you ever been to the National Holocaust Museum in D.C.? Another teacher and I were thinking of spending our time there while the other folks are otherwise occupied at the Smithsonian. The kids won't be going with us; just a few teachers. This day is mostly free time at the Smithsonian for the kids and their chaperones. After two trips in two years, we've seen just about every corner of the Smithsonian museums! Looking to do something different; just curious to see if anybody had any feedback.

Thanks for reading my silly little blog, friends. I really like writing, but sometimes having a blog devoted to your own life seems exceedingly self-important. That's something I wrestle with. Oh well. In the meantime, I enjoy writing and I'm glad some of you enjoy reading!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I love old houses. Love, love, love, love them. I seek them out whenever I travel somewhere. I love to think about who lived there, what their lives were like, and what the area looked like when the house was first built.

This beauty is about 10 minutes from where I live, located on the road I take when I visit family in my hometown. I could take the interstate, but I choose not to. While the interstate is easy and efficient, it's ugly...plain and simple. I prefer pretty, thanks. That's why I choose to take the pretty back road with the pretty dogtrot house.

{The wisteria was pretty enough to make it into the picture. 'Cuz you know I'm all about pretty and all.}

{That ultra-crispy greenery left over from Christmas is kind of uglying up the pretty. Somebody should get right on that.}

I'm just crazy about this house, and have been for as long as I can remember. I wish I could see what this area, just a stone's throw from the interstate and surrounded by neighborhoods, looked like back in the day. Think of all that the residents of this little home must've seen! It was built only two decades after our fair state became a state, and was built a good two decades before the Civil War started. Oh, to go back in time...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This week has been an endurance test, and I'm exhausted. One more day 'til spring break. These kiddos and I sure have earned it! Today I am thankful for...
  • the grace of the good Lord, which He extends to me on an hourly basis
  • my family and friends, and the fact that they love me exactly like I am
  • my health, and the health of my loved ones
  • a roof over my head, food in my fridge, shoes on my feet, clothes in my closet, clean running water, hot showers, a car that gets awesome gas mileage, enough money in the bank to get me through the month...every month
  • my job, and the little people I spend my time with
  • my coworkers...our impromptu gathering in my room this afternoon reminded me of how blessed I am to love my job and the people I work with
  • spring break
  • a wonderful Career Day last week...Renita and Emily did such a great job, and we all had such a delightful day!
  • Wednesday night supper club
  • more sunshine in the evenings
  • a phone date with my darling Kate planned for this evening
  • the pounding headache I have right now, because it makes me appreciate the times when I don't have a pounding headache
  • sunscreen
  • a very fun field trip today...great activities + great weather + (mostly) great behavior from the kids = success
  • a student singing "Amazing Grace" to me today...we went out on the playground when we got back from our field trip, and one of my students asked if she could sing something for me. I almost said no because of the aforementioned pounding headache and because I wanted a few moments of peace and quiet for myself. I told her yes instead, and was treated to a very sweet, very sincere rendition of one of my all-time favorite hymns. She said she sometimes sings it to her grandmother who lives in Heaven. I can't believe I nearly missed that precious little moment in time.
  • spring break
  • celebrating Pi Day for the first time yesterday...the kids had a BALL. Hearing them call out "Happy Pi Day!" up and down the hallway and seeing Pi symbols painted on their faces made my heart happy. Now, if only I could convince them to be that excited about math all the time...
  • the fact that I have a job that gives me breaks throughout the year
  • three fun trips in the works over the next few months
  • Titanic...back out in theaters...3D...absolutely. cannot. wait.
  • beautiful weather, even though it is a smidge warm...mid 80s doesn't quite scream "middle of March" to me
  • my poor, pollen-hating sinuses struggling to do their job, because it makes me appreciate the times when they do actually manage to get their job done
  • a long overdue chat with Kira last weekend
  • Match Day finally arriving...thinking of you tomorrow, dear David and Elizabeth! It will all work out the way it's supposed to, and I can't wait to see where the good Lord decides to send you on your next big Johnson family adventure!
  • the opportunity to live in a country that lets me vote...I know in a literal sense one vote doesn't matter, but what an incredible privilege we have as American citizens! Now, if I could just find a candidate to get really excited about...
  • spring break


Monday, March 12, 2012

I was supposed to be Mrs. DiCaprio

I just got back from a ride in a time machine. And yall, it was awesome! I was sitting here, watching the finale of The Bachelor and grading papers, when I heard it. You know. Those first few notes of an Irish tin whistle (forgive me if that's the wrong instrument...I'm in a Titanic-induced stupor right now). The beginning of "My Heart Will Go On". The theme song to the movie that single-handedly defined my early adolescence. The movie that made me fall in love with one Mr. DiCaprio. The movie that kinda made me want to go back in time and be on the Titanic, just so I could hang out with Jack and Rose.

Wait, they weren't really there? Minor details.

Yall...Titanic was on my TV screen. And it's coming to a movie theater near me in less than a month. In 3D! I. Can't. Wait. Seeing that on the TV took me right back in time.

All of a sudden, it was 1997 again. I was 12 whole years old (bless my heart) and putting on my clear mascara and LipSmackers lip gloss and baggy, straight-legged jeans and being dropped off at the movie theater at the back of McFarland Mall by my mom who was telling me she would be waiting right here and to come straight out after the movie and I was rolling my eyes at her and then the theater went dark and there they were! Jack and Rose. Oh, heavens, their love little 12 year old heart swooned. And then it broke when Rose just couldn't make any space at all on her little piece of wood for Jack to get out of the frigid water. I've found it in me over the last fifteen (!) years to forgive Rose for that, just so you know.

I saw it over and over, three times to be exact. The parents finally put their foot down and said if I wanted to go see Titanic again, I was going to have to go get a job of my own. At the age of twelve. So, I just got the VHS tapes for my birthday and watched the movie over and over again until I had it memorized.

And oh, that song! I remember listening to the "Top 8 at 8:00" with Louie Linguini every night on 94.1, blank tape in my cassette player, finger poised over the Record button, waiting to record the best song I'd heard at that point in my life. Over the course of quite a number of weeks, I managed to get the song perfectly recorded over and over enough times to fill one side of my cassette tape. In the days before recordable CDs (where you can record once and just hit "repeat") this was quite an accomplishment. Some of my friends were jealous.

And here I am, fifteen years later. Lots and lots and lots of things have changed. I was just sitting here in my  little grownup home, drinking a grownup glass of wine, doing grownup work for my grownup job, and now I feel as giddy as a middle schooler again.

And I can't wait until April.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring's done sprung

Even though the calendar doesn't back me up, I've decided to make it official. Spring has arrived! If the extra daylight, buds, blooms, and chirping birds weren't signal enough, my sinuses have made sure I know what season it is. I spent some time yesterday afternoon (one of the most glorious afternoons in the history of the world) taking in the springtime splendor...

{The color of sweet brand new baby leaves is my absolute favorite shade of green.}

{one of my favorite pictures I've taken in a very long time...just fyi :)}

With all of this springtime splendor bursting forth, I have a feeling my NetiPot and I are about to become close, personal friends again. It's about that time.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My new life motto

Some words of wisdom on this Saturday morning:

"When you are joyful, be joyful; when you are sad, be sad. If God has given you a sweet cup, don’t make it bitter; and if He has given you a bitter cup, don’t try and make it sweet; take things as they come."

-Oswald Chambers

Take things as they come, and see them for what they are...good or bad. What a brilliant idea! Along with the good comes some bad, and that's okay. That's just the way it is! Experience things. Even if it's something you weren't planning on, experience everything. Good and bad...just roll with it.

I'm working on that these days, and this quote has inspired me. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Enjoy your weekend, friends!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday

What. A. Week. Good, but absolutely nonstop. Whew. I am weary, but happy. Today I am thankful for...

  • the grace and never-ending patience the good Lord extends to me on a daily basis
  • my family and friends...truly the best in the world
  • my health, and the health of my loved ones
  • a successful surgery for Uncle Robert (my great-uncle) this week...he's still got a very long road ahead of him, so prayers are welcome
  • my job, my coworkers, and the little people I am blessed to spend most of my daylight hours with
  • enough money to cover my needs, and a teeny tiny bit left for some wants every now and then
  • a roof over my head, food in my fridge, shoes on my feet, clothes in my closet, clean running water, electricity, a sweet little car that gets me where I need to go in a fuel-efficient manner :)
  • this, from my devotional email today: "Today, as you go through the tasks of daily living, pay attention to those around you. You never know when someone in your path may be your special assignment from God." Awesome, and so true.
  • getting my car paid off
  • the ability to hear...and see...and walk...and think
  • the safe, happy arrival of William Daniel Remmert yesterday...blessings to you and your new family of three, dearest Luke and Adrienne!
  • Wednesday night supper club...great girls, great conversation, GREAT food, lots of laughs...good for the soul
  • muscadine wine
  • a positive attitude
  • 6 more schooldays until spring break
  • a job that gives me some nice breaks throughout the year to recoup
  • getting to go observe a teacher at another school yesterday morning...I got some great ideas and that small change in routine was exactly what I needed. It's amazing what changing things up a bit will do for ya!
  • the fact that I am literate
  • some wonderful new books from the library
  • book fair at school this week...always a good time!
  • opening the windows up to listen to the rain fall
  • the darling haircut I got today...I got my hair washed (delightful), a hand massage (also delightful), a scalp massage (uh...heaven), a great haircut, and some new hair goop, all for $30. Can't beat that with a stick!
  • Adele...absolutely adore her unique voice. We sound really, really great when we sing together.
  • Rick & Bubba...they make me look forward to getting ready every morning
  • a fun field trip planned for next week
  • my simple, lovely little life and the direction the good Lord is taking me...I'm seeing lots of good things up ahead
  • my blog friends...thanks for loving me in spite of the drivel that often spews forth from my keyboard :)


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Things I learned today

I like to learn. I set a goal for myself every single day: learn at least one new thing. At least one, and it can be anything. Just has to be something I didn't know when I lay my head on my pillow the night before. Here's what I learned today:

1.) When you're zipping across the parking lot at know, sideways, ignoring all the parking lot lanes and have the right-of-way. What? You didn't know that? I didn't either. I didn't think anybody with a semi-functioning brain thought that. Thankfully, the unnecessarily angry woman in the unnecessarily large vehicle laid on her horn to show me (the silly one following the lanes and arrows and normal traffic rules) the error of my ways.

2.) The Wal-Mart where I live is one of the unhappiest places on Earth. I gave it up cold-turkey at one point; I need to get to that point again.

3.) If there's a used Band-Aid on the floor of a fifth grade classroom, and the teacher is imploring someone to pick it up, it doesn't belong to any of the aforementioned fifth graders. It must've come from a ghost, because it surely didn't come from any of the fifth graders.
4.) A little shake-up in the daily grind is very often a good thing. I ain't turnin' it down.
5.) A joke, shared with me by one of my fellow teachers, told to him by a student:
          Boy: Dad, I'm cold!
          Dad: Well, go stand in the corner.
          Boy: I don't want to stand in the corner!
          Dad: It'll help if you're feeling cold.
          Boy: How?
          Dad: It's 90 degrees.
Clever, huh?! It takes a true math nerd to appreciate a good geometry joke :)
6.) If the arch of one's foot is hurting, walking 3 miles on said arch isn't going to make it better. In fact, it makes it much worse.
7.) Local muscadine wine is a true delight.
8.) Just the knowledge that I'm getting my hair cut this week is enough to put a smile on this simpleton's face. Doesn't take much.
9.) Glass jars of spaghetti sauce don't bounce. In fact, they shatter rather spectacularly. I learned this lesson from a little knee-high darling at Wal-Mart (see #2) who was not being supervised in a thorough manner.
10.) Mudcats may be one of the best reality shows ever created. I can't even explain what about it speaks to me; it just...does.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

You know what's awesome?

  • glorious, blue-sky, sunny, 60 degree weather
  • knowing you've got family and friends who've got your back no. matter. what.
  • getting your lesson plans done before leaving school on Friday afternoon
  • 10 more schooldays until spring break
  • Bradford pear trees...their white blooms and bright green leaves are my favorite sign that spring is coming

  • insight and clarity, no matter how long it takes to finally get through to you...knowing is a good, good thing
  • a lazy Sunday
  • officially being done making car payments...I felt like I'd gotten a raise when I got paid this month :)
  • a Mudcats marathon
  • a new supper club in the works
  • a delightful Saturday afternoon spent with my Mimi
  • a good new book from the library and two more on hold...oh, how I love the library
  • three fun trips to look forward to in the next few months
  • naps
  • an absolutely delightful chicken noodle soup recipe...I've been working to perfect it for months now, and I'm almost ready to share it with the world...ready yourselves!

What's awesome in your world these days, friends?

Friday, March 2, 2012

It's about that time

We dismissed school at 12:15 today. Reason? Tornado weather. It's my very, very, very least favorite kind of weather. I'm not a member of the fan club. In fact, I'm a member of the "Everybody Hates Tornadoes" fan club. You knew something was "off" the minute you stepped outside. It was over 80 degrees today, which is never a good sign on the second day of March.

It's nearly springtime, and everybody 'round these parts knows what that means: James Spann has his sleeves rolled up. I never used to get worked up about tornadoes, but the events of April 27th changed all that for me. I don't brush off those sirens and radar images anymore.

I do think the 12:15 dismissal was serious overkill, but I guess that's why they don't pay me the big bucks. I'm not complaining about my afternoon off! Here's hoping the tornadoes realize they're the biggest losers around and stay up in the sky where they belong. Pray for those who have been affected in the multiple tornadoes that have already touched down in our fair state and across the country today.

Enjoy a (tornado-free) weekend, folks!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today, this first day of March, I am thankful for so many things...
  • the good Lord and the fact the He never, ever, ever gives up on me
  • my family and friends...I've rediscovered this week that I have literally the best family and friends in the universe
  • my health, and the health of my family and friends
  • the fact that my eyes can see and my ears can hear
  • a roof over my head, clothes in my closet, food in my fridge, shoes on my feet, clean running water, a totally dependable car that gets killer gas mileage
  • my job, my coworkers, and the little people I spend my days with
  • all of my students officially memorizing the Preamble...thank you, Schoolhouse Rock!
  • the pretty Bradford pear trees that have started blooming...just lovely
  • confidence and faith
  • laughter, and lots of chances to experience it this week
  • a very successful D.C. trip meeting tonight, even thought it's made for a very long day...the folks on our bus seem to be an incredible bunch!
  • having a fun trip to our nation's capital to look forward to
  • hard times, because they make me appreciate the good times so much more
  • the 5 lb. box of delightful little mandarins I bought this week...5 lbs. of fruit is a lot for one person, but I ain't skeered...I can take it
  • good test results...answered and unanswered prayers right there!
  • quiet
  • knowing how to sew, and some time to play around with some new projects lately
  • a lovely little dinner out with a new friend and an old friend last night...great conversation, great company
  • payday!
  • making some wise financial decisions
  • a weekend coming up...much needed
  • fun plans for the aforementioned weekend :)