Monday, February 14, 2011

Go Mimi . . . it's your birthday!

I couldn't care much less about Valentine's Day, but there is something about this day that always makes me smile. Today is my sweet Mimi's birthday.

(FYI- - -That cake weighed seven pounds. Until we cut it, I was convinced it was chocolate-covered concrete. Seven. Pounds. Of cake.)

I'd tell you how old she is today, but she'd probably pinch me on the bottom next time she saw me. I don't like to be pinched on the bottom, so I'll move on.

Mimi will probably be embarrassed that I'm writing about her, but she'll get over it.

I adore Mimi. She's the coolest grandmother on the planet. She calls me Bug. She's my partner in crime. She's my travel buddy. She thinks everything I do is just fabulous and lets me know just how fabulous. She calls me every week just to say hey . . . oh yeah, and to check and see if I'm dating anyone lately. If I asked her to walk through fire for me, she would . . . right after she asked, "What the hell for? Bug, you owe me big time." Everybody ought to be so loved, and I feel blessed every day that I am.

Happy birthday, Mimi. I think you're pretty cool.

PS- - -Meems, if you read this and want to know where the title came from, click here. I just made you a little bit cooler. And it's even the (marginally) edited version. You're welcome.


  1. J, that chocolate cake for your Mimi looks so yummy! This is such a sweet post. Grandmothers are so special...I know I loved mine so very much and my girls love my mom, so very much. There is just such a special bond between them.
    Tell her happy b-day for me, too! And pass me a piece of cake, please!! hehehe

  2. Your Mimi sounds pretty fabulous. I agree everyone needs someone like that in their life. Also, I like the font change on your blog...nice touch!

  3. How sweet! :D And that cake looks downright sinful! :O

    Happy belated birthday to Mimi! :)


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