Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter rundown

What. A. Weekend.

I actually had a 3-day weekend, but it sure doesn't feel like it! I needed to go back to work today to catch my breath. This weekend was a complete whirlwind but was filled with family, food, and faith. I loved it.

*1...the number of Easter pictures I took, and it wasn't even of a living creature. Sigh. Maybe next year.

*3:30...the time our Easter meal was served. Sidetrack with me for just a second, okay? Tell me this. What would you call a meal that starts at 3:30? Since it's between lunch and supper, we came up with lupper and (my personal favorite) slunch. Yes, I think I'll go forward with slunch.

*14...the number of attendees at the Easter Slunch 2011. I love all of them greatly.

*2...the number of significant others making their first appearance at Easter Slunch. Our big ol' family may be getting even bigger someday...hint hint, wink wink...

*1...the number of weenie dogs in attendance

*10...pounds of potatoes for potato salad. I'm not kidding. Ten whole pounds. Daddy boils, Mom peels and chops, I mix it up. We're like a machine. And we love potato salad like it's a family member.

*13,471...the number of times I used my NetiPot in order to get through this pollen-filled weekend. This is morphing into an addiction. NetiPot is my life.

As fabulous as all of this was, my favorite part of Easter, always and forever, is spending time reflecting on why we actually celebrate. Because Jesus gave himself as a sacrifice, we no longer have to fear death. We no longer have to worry every moment about securing a spot in Heaven. He took care of all of that for us. What a gift. What a reason to celebrate, on Easter and every other day of the year!

Enjoy your week, friends!


PS---My "followers" section is driving me crazy. Sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn't. I've noticed that on some other blogs, their followers don't show up either. What's going on? I want it back in my life and on my blog. Any ideas? If you help me fix it, I'll give you a virtual high five. know you want one!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter =)

    I've been browsing your blog & saw you had several posts on movies...I'm a huge movie fan...did you know about the Carmike $1 movies off Lorna Road? It is an old theater but the new seats have helped make it more enjoyable ;) My point is to tell you The King's Speech is there right now

    When you discussed Revolutionary Road it made me think of The Reader with Kate Winslet ~ have you seen it? It was pretty good...I think I got it from the Helena library

    Hope you have a great week! =)

  2. Sorry to post here, but I didn't see a place to contact you directly...I just saw a comment you made on Pioneer Woman about your desire to publish a kid's book. You are afraid that no one would be interested in an Alabama school teacher's story. After reading a few of your posts and seeing some of your photography, I would like to encourage you to follow your dream. You have talent - so don't be so modest and unsure of yourself - have confidence, because you are obviously a very interesting person with lots of vision. Maybe you don't have to contacts you need at this point, but just start and take a step at a time and it will work out. Maybe your first attempt won't work out just as you hope, but keep trying. I think you can do it.
    Now - I'm gonna start reading more of your posts...
    Good luck!

  3. Krisit, thanks for the tip! I've been to the $1 movies once, and I'm glad to know there are new seats :) I love going to the movies but I don't go much because of the cost. I never saw "The Reader", but kind of wanted to. I may have to look into that one; thanks for the recommendation!

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope the rest of your week is fabulous!


  4. Anonymous, wow! Your comment totally floored me. You are far too kind; thank you! Writing a children's book has always been pushed way back in my mind, but reading PW's "how to" post brought it back. I don't have the time now, but that's something I may consider when life slows down up the road. I may spend some time this summer gathering my ideas. Thanks again for your encouragement, and thanks so much for stopping by!



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