Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday sirens

It's springtime, and James Spann is talking tornadoes. James Spann is always talking tornadoes in the springtime.

See that brightly-colored, tornado-filled blob over Tuscaloosa?

(radar source: James Spann's blog)

My family lives there. They don't like tornadoes. I don't like when tornadoes chase my family. I don't like when James Spann says there's a tornado on the ground and starts calling out places I  know. Places that are closer and closer to people I know.

See that city right there in the middle, where all the roads come together? That's where I live. I don't like tornadoes, either. I don't even like getting out of school early, like we did today, for tornadoes. Because when you let out early for tornadoes, tornadoes are sure to come. I don't like this day at all. I don't like hearing the sirens. It scares me when you can see the tornado on the ground on the skycam and it's minutes away from everybody you love. And then, after that, it's headed my way.

Prayers would be fantastic!
7:00 PM---edited to add: Aside from a few scary moments, we are unscathed. Not everyone in the area was, though, so I'm sure they'd appreciate your prayers. Let the weekend commence!


  1. eeek! stay safe! i dont like tornadoes either...and I do love tuscaloosa - after all i spent 4 years there in god's country! does your fam have a home church there?? i went to the church at tuscaloosa then highlands when i moved to the ham. love love love bama...dont like tornadoes. i will stop now with my weird random comment!

  2. So glad you are ok. Definitely praying for those affected.

  3. Lauren, I love weird random comments :) Tornado weather doesn't usually bother me, but actual tornadoes??? Not a fan at all! My parents are members at Holy Spirit Catholic Church. That's the church where I grew up. Congrats on your blog's big step up...I'm along for the ride!

    Thanks for reading, friend!


  4. Annesta, thanks for the prayers! Things turned out remarkably well, considering how bad the weather got. I'm ready for summer to get here so I don't have to hear those sirens wail anymore! Hope you're having a good weekend!

    Thanks for reading!



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