Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday, from the bottom of my heart

I'm not dealing with this beautifully. I keep seeing that tornado in my mind and cringe thinking about all the lives and property lost. I dreamed about it last night. I've been jittery and on edge all day. My stomach's been tied in a knot. I need to get my hands on my people and not let go.

Today I am thankful for...
  • the incredible grace of God, the protection He provides, and the strength He gives us to get through such hideous times
  • my family and friends, and that all my Tuscaloosa people are safe and accounted for
  • that blessed moment when I finally heard that my Bubba was okay...utter relief
  • early weather warnings
  • resilience and strength
  • James Spann and his absolute willingness to put in 20-hour days on a regular that guy
  • the first responders who put their own lives at risk to save others
  • the Alabama Power people who've worked 'round the clock to get power back on
  • President Obama making a trip to Alabama tomorrow...the more publicity this gets, the better
  • the call to postpone Auburn's National Championship trip to the White House...I've been excited about that, but I'm glad everybody has their priorities straight
  • an early dismissal from school yesterday so that we didn't have to deal with this with the schoolbabies
  • hearing from lots of friends I haven't talked to in a while
  • Daniel and Olivia being kept safe at her apartment while the neighborhood across the street was leveled...praise the Lord!
  • Mr. Bill Remmert being kept safe in his store...although the Montgomery Woodworks building didn't survive, Mr. Bill did...praise the Lord!
  • Daddy being kept safe at work and Mom being kept safe at home...praise the Lord!
  • Mimi and Grandad being kept safe while the tornado roared within a few miles of their house
  • hearing from Brody, Haley, David, Jenny, the Hanninens, and many, many others...praise the Lord!
  • the Meadows family being alive, even though they lost their home and Mrs. Meadows is seriously injured...please pray for them
  • my Neeley and her family being kept safe as a tornado tore through Cullman...praise the Lord!
  • the tornado coming late enough in the afternoon that Alberta Elementary School (which was completely destroyed by the storm) was empty of schoolbabies...praise the Lord!
  • the Tuscaloosa/Pleasant Grove/Cullman family members and friends of everyone at work (that I know of) being safe...praise the Lord!
  • realizing that one of two buildings still standing in Alberta City is Mimi and Grandad's church...Grandad said it's barely standing and will probably have to come down, but how awesome that of everything, a church was left standing! Praise the Lord!
  • realizing what's really, truly important in life

HAPPY WEEKEND, friends, and please keep everyone in Alabama (and the Southeast) in your prayers. They are sorely needed.


  1. Wow! SO much to be thankful for!!! I'm glad all your people are safe. What a blessing.

    To be quite honest, I've never been very afraid of tornadoes UNTIL NOW. Those things are serious!!!

  2. Praying with you dear friend. So, so happy you are well. Rejoicing with you.

  3. Sarah Barry, thanks for checking in. Honestly, I used to be the same way about bad weather. We hear the sirens so often around here, you become desensitized to them!

    You better BELIEVE I'll be a nervous wreck the next time tornado weather rolls through. This one wasn't playing around.

    Hope you and yours have a good weekend. Make sure to hug 'em extra tight!


  4. Annesta, thanks for the continued prayers and for checking in so often. I still can't believe how blessed I am that everybody I know, and their property, is okay. It breaks my heart for those not so fortunate.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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