Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Journey to the capital: monumental

While in D.C., we visited nearly every monument and memorial in existence there. This involved lots and lots (and lots) of walking. Even though I've seen almost all of these sites before, they never fail to take my breath away. What a wonderful capital we have!

{Washington Monument reflected in the Vietnam War Memorial, love, love this shot}

{We must never forget that freedom is not free. God bless those men and women who serve or have served our great nation.}

{loved the geese swimming and the reflection of the monument in the water}

{By the top right window, you can see cracks from last year's earthquake. The sky truly was that blue this gorgeousness.}

{Lincoln Memorial...the columns are a bit large}

{Was Abe a humble man? I've wondered what he would think about this absolutely enormous statue of himself. Note to all: please don't commission a statue of me when I kick it. And if you must, please make it smaller than this one. I'd hate to be embarrassed in the great beyond; thanks.}

{Lincoln Memorial}

{sweet home}

{Iwo Jima Memorial}

{Look at all those beautiful details!}

{Jefferson Memorial}

{brand new MLK Memorial}

{at the FDR Memorial}

I just love America.


  1. Next time the PW has a category that the first pic fits into - maybe memorial day she will have one!, you are totally entering it. And if you dont, I will steal it from you, put it in the contest and then mail you the winnings. AMAZING composure, focus and shot!

  2. What INCREDIBLE photos you took. Wow, I love love love that first one. You were able to really capture the beauty and respect and honor of those monuments. We truly are blessed in this country. Can not take that freedom for granted. Thanks for sharing and thank you for your kind words and comments. Appreciate you.

  3. I agree with Lauren...that photo is increadible. You should probably put your watermark on it so no one steals it!
    I have so enjoyed your trip as i love DC!

  4. Alright, alright, alright, Lauren...if she has a patriotic type photo contest, I'll enter my picture. If I win, I'll even give you some of the winnings for twisting my arm :) I took almost the exact same picture two years ago, but I like this one so much better. Thanks for your kind words! I've really been enjoying reading your dad's guest posts this week; what an amazing story he has. Still praying for yall on the regular...happy weekend!


  5. Elizabeth, thanks for your kind words! The monuments and memorials are one of my favorite parts of visiting D.C. There is so much symbolism in each and every one of them! I enjoy your blog very much, and I appreciate you stopping by here so often. Means a lot to me!


  6. Annesta, I sure will stamp my watermark on it...whenever I come up with one :) One of these days, I'm sure. I might just sneak you on the bus with me next year. Just play it cool and nobody may even realize you're an imposter :) Thanks for checking in so often, friend. I hope you have a lovely weekend!



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