Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stick a fork in me

I'm done. Done, done, done. My fifth year of teaching now resides in the history books. I've had the honor of teaching 128 wonderful little people over the course of my career, and I can't thank them enough for how they've helped me grow as a teacher and a person. I pray that I've taught them at least one teeny, tiny something during their time with me. To say that I was choked up seeing them walk away from me today is definitely an understatement.

Now, let the fun begin! This is going to be an incredible summer...I can feel it!

  • finish packing up my classroom (far, far less than fun, but completely necessary for summer break to begin)
  • farmers markets
  • trip with Mom to Tunica
  • trip with Kate to Charleston
  • sewing projects
  • quiet, lazy nights listening to the crickets chirp
  • sleeping myself silly
  • lounging under an umbrella at the pool reading a fabulous book (or twenty)
  • trips to the library
  • FriendshipFest 2012
  • early morning walks before the world warms up
  • the Olympics (LOVE the Olympics)
  • Whole30 adventure (to start after the Charleston journey and the 4th of July, of course...haha)
  • anything I want, or nothing at all, or maybe both at the same time...I'll decide when I get there :)
Bring. It. On.


  1. Good luck with the Whole30...props to you if you can do that! I'm not sure i would be able to finish that!


  2. Manda Panda, I'm definitely giving it a shot! Of course, it will have to wait until after my Charleston trip and the Fourth of July...two events which are decidedly NOT Whole30-compatible ;) I'm planning to keep a record of the experience here. It should be an adventure for sure!

    Thanks for stopping by, friend! I hope life is treating you kindly these days.


  3. Yay for summer! I can't wait to hear about all your fun plans as they happen, especially whole 30.

  4. SB, you're back!!!!! I've missed ya! I'll be sure to keep you updated on the summer happenings, including the Whole30. I'm a bit nervous about trying that, but very excited. I see you have a new post so I'm off to check it out...happy SUMMER, and thanks for stopping by!



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