Sunday, August 5, 2012

Death and destruction

I have ants in my kitchen. I don't want them in my kitchen, or in any spot in my little home. Enter: Operation Death, Destruction, Gloom, and Doom. They are industrious, admirable little boogers, but now that they've taken up in my home, they must die. I try really hard not to use toxic chemicals unless absolutely necessary, so I'm trying something natural.

I mixed strawberry jelly and Borax (which comes in WAY handy for cleaning...get some at your earliest convenience) and spread the poisoned goodness on pieces of an index card. Then I sat back and watched while this happened:

And then I did this:

Those ants are positively drunk on strawberry jelly right now. I hope I put in enough Borax and I'm not just providing them a super tasty strawberry dessert! I also hope that it doesn't attract any of those nastier, less industrious, more repulsive creatures whose name starts with an "r" and ends with an "oach". I'd rather keep the ants as pets if that's my other option.

I also spread a little line of Borax out on the counter in hopes that the ants will think it's sugar and will cart it back to their friends and families. Bwahahahahahahaha!

Oh, and I got the idea from Make It Do. She has a really, really great DIY blog if that's your cup of tea.

I'll keep you posted on Operation DDG&D...


  1. Bwah ah hahahahah! I'm evil laughing with you. Ants are so hard to get rid of. Hope your plan works.

  2. Sarah Barry, your evil laugh is as good as mine ;) Thanks for stopping by, and I'll let you know how it works!


  3. I want to know if it works! Ants are the WORST! We had some a few months ago...gone now, thank goodness!

  4. Lauren, I'll keep you posted. I checked on them this morning and only saw two of them roaming around. I haven't figured out if the rest are still sleeping or if they're dead. I'm hoping for the latter :) Thanks for stopping by, friend!



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