Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for...

  • the good Lord
  • answered prayers and unanswered prayers
  • my handsome B, who wants to spend time with me even when I'm under the weather
  • my darling family and friends
  • a roof over my head, food in my fridge, clean running water, shoes on my feet, clothes in my closet, a cozy bed, a place to go to get out of the cold
  • payday today...woohoo!
  • sunshine, even though the temperature hasn't quite gotten the message
  • vitamins, Mucinex, Airborne, my Neti pot, and Breathe Right strips
  • my sinuses, even though they're currently not pulling their weight...makes me appreciate all those times when they actually do
  • my job, my sweet little schoolbabies, my fun coworkers, and our lovely building
  • a nice little dinner date with Sash tonight
  • a wide-open weekend just around the corner
  • fun lessons and new ideas to teach my students
  • my camera, although I'm sure it's feeling quite neglected these days
  • emails and phone calls from sweet friends
  • finding something other than junk mail in my mailbox...I love fun snail mail!
  • my XM radio
  • blue skies after all the rain we've had lately
  • the start of a brand new month tomorrow
  • happy news today
  • getting to hold sweet Baby Cole this afternoon
  • laughter
  • contentment
  • the pretty daffodils I saw Teri carrying this morning...they always make me think of Mama and springtime


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