Saturday, June 8, 2013

Whole30 : Day 3, 4, 5, and 6

Day 3:

*breakfast - a couple of spoonfuls of Justin's Almond Butter (I woke up feeling kind of queasy and knew I should eat something but didn't want to eat much.)
*lunch - leftover egg bake, a whole avocado with lime juice, salt, onion powder, red pepper flakes (I was feeling WAY better by lunch.)
*snack - Cherry Pie LaraBar and a handful of walnuts
*supper - 3 Greek meatballs and roasted green beans
*snack - Fuji apple with natural peanut butter

Other than feeling a bit nauseous this morning, today was a great day. Yay! Day 3 during my Whole30 last year was REALLY tough, and I was excited that Day 3 this year was much easier. I learned a lot last year about what kinds of foods keep me full, so I think that's helping me be more successful. I'm also happy to report that I haven't really had any cravings except for on Day 1. That makes things much easier!

Day 4:

*breakfast - 3 hardboiled egg whites (I usually squeeze the yolks out because I don't love them); a handful of walnuts; one small peach
*lunch - barbacoa salad from Chipotle (fun lunch in Tuscaloosa with the fam...thanks for lunch, Grandad!)
*snack - Fuji apple with natural peanut butter
*dinner - barbacoa salad from Chipotle (Yep, I went to Chipotle again. B and I had a little gathering to go to, and since pizza was on the menu, we needed something else to eat. I know Chipotle is "safe", plus we both love it. Win-win!)

I felt really good today...plenty of energy. B spent about 8 hours of his day on the road and didn't cheat once. I know it was tough for him tonight being around friends eating pizza and drinking beer, but he didn't cave. I'm proud of him!

Day 5

*breakfast - leftover egg casserole; handful of walnuts
*lunch - leftover barbacoa salad from yesterday; leftover green beans from a couple of days ago
*snack - Fuji apple with natural peanut butter (my fave snack these days)
*supper - Pesto Meatzas (ground beef, homemade pesto, diced tomato, caramelized onion) with roasted broccoli
*snack - half of a Banana Bread Larabar (split it with B)

Today was a GREAT day! I felt amazing. I've been surprised that, unlike my Whole30 experience last year, I've had no cravings. I mean, there have been times when I'm not excited to eat a handful of walnuts for a snack, but I haven't had any serious cravings. I've also managed to avoid (so far) that dull headache I had for several days last year. Woohoo!

The "meatzas" that we made last night were good, but the pesto left a lot to be desired. The recipe calls for 2 cloves of garlic, and our cloves were absurdly huge. I should've just put in one because the garlic flavor was intense...way more intense than I like it to be. It tasted like garlic paste. Ick. B said he liked it but I want to try it again with way less garlic.

Day 6:

*breakfast - the last of my egg casserole; the last of the leftover green beans; 1/2 avocado with lime juice, salt, red pepper flakes, and onion powder (so good)
* lunch - green smoothie (spinach, water, frozen banana, chia seeds, frozen strawberries, frozen mango, 1/2 avocado, lime juice)
*snack - Fuji apple with natural peanut butter
*supper - sauteed chicken with tomato gravy; wilted spinach (I just piled everything on the plate together...yum)

I felt okay today, but not incredible. Nothing wrong in particular, just a bit "blah". I think my lunch/snack combo was too much fruit and not enough protein...maybe that was what did it. I'll work on that tomorrow.

The tomato gravy was pretty good! I went against the directions and drained off most of the bacon grease before I added the onion and garlic. I'm just not a huge fan of bacon grease, or really grease in general. I simmered the gravy for a long time to let it thicken. I also thought it needed a bit of work so I added red pepper flakes and a bit of cinnamon. Overall, pretty tasty and I'll most likely make it again.

Mama and B have joined me in eating healthier. Mama is doing a bit of an adapted Whole30 and has been doing great and feeling good, too. B has proven himself to be quite a champ! He's been blowing this Whole30 out of the water, and it's been so helpful for me to have a buddy doing the same thing that I am. He's whipped up a few very tasty meals on his own and has been staying strong even during his long nights at work. I'm so proud of my fella!

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