Monday, April 12, 2010

Revolutionary Road...and something way more cheerful

I rented this movie over the weekend and was pretty excited about it. I'd meant to see it when it was out in theaters but never did. I love Kate and Leo together. Since I saw "Titanic" 3 times in the theater and let it affect my early adolescent soul so profoundly, I figured I'd love this one, too. Uh, WRONG! It's about a couple in the 1950s who have bought into the "Leave It to Beaver" lifestyle: house in the suburbs, 2 kids, husband works in the city, wife is a homemaker, etc. The couple are unhappy with their stereotypical life and set out to change it. I knew that part; no surprise there. I just had no idea how dark this movie was. I spent two hours watching two people fight and come totally, completely, hideously unraveled. It was one of those movies that, when the credits roll at the end, you think, "Are you kidding me????" In their defense, Kate and Leo did a phenomenal job with their characters. The acting was amazing; I just hated (!) the story. My life has yet to return to normal; I feel like they owe me something.

On a happier note, I was able to meet sweet Kira in Montgomery for lunch yesterday. It was so nice to be able to catch up with her and enjoy a little time together before Miss Elizabeth arrives next month. She's going to be such a great mama to her little girl; I can't WAIT to meet her!

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