Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful that the bank closes at 4:00. I'm thankful that the bank lady who opened the door for me (just a crack, mind you, lest I barge on past her) suggested that I come back tomorrow on my lunch hour to get my form notarized. I'm thankful that I didn't laugh out loud. I'm thankful that there are people in this world who get a lunch hour. I'm thankful that Kinko's no longer notarizes. I'm thankful that I wasted an hour trying to take care of this today, and STILL. didn't. get. the. dadgum. thing. notarized. I'm thankful that I decided against doing this Monday when I had the day off. I'm thankful that I procrastinated and this form is supposed to be turned in tomorrow...notarized.

Sigh. Vent over. I feel at least 40 % better now.

Today I'm (actually) thankful for:
  • family and friends
  • the fact that tomorrow is Friday :)
  • my upcoming trips to the beach and DC :)
  • the chance to celebrate LA's rapidly waning singleness with a "batch of fun" (Kate, that's always, ALWAYS, going to be funny.)
  • stressful days...only because they make me appreciate the peaceful ones that much more
  • the fact that, even though I'm busier right now than I like to be, it's because I have friends, fun plans, a job, all that good stuff
  • "SNL: Best of the 2000s" on right it!
  • lots and lots of sunshine, and more in the forecast


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