Monday, May 10, 2010

1,095 days ago...

(The. Best. Picture. Ever. Laura, Kira, me, Rachel...UC22 girls)

I walked across the stage inside Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum and ended a marvelous ride. May 10, 2007. I could go on and on (and on and on) about how incredible my Auburn experience was, but I won't. Instead, I'll see if I can narrow my life on the Plains down to ten favorites.

  • Tim Tyler: Oh, Tim. The Piano Man. If he was playing, we were there. I fondly remember Tim Tyler Tuesdays at SkyBar, especially the Tuesday of our graduation week. We were graduating, Tim was graduating, SkyBar was full of nothing but was incredible. We graduated at the same ceremony, and I loved hearing the huge cheer when his name was called out.

  • lazy summers: I spent two (well, two and a half) glorious summers in Auburn, one living in the McDonald's backyard, an unspeakably great one on Gay Street, and part of one packing up my Auburn memories and starting my grown-up life. Daily schedule: class, work, then fun :) I loved it when Auburn emptied out for the summer.

  • long walks: Nearly every day after class and work, I headed out for a walk around campus. Really long walks. That's how I got to know all the nooks and crannies of AU. Sometimes gabbing with friends, other times catching up on my praying or my tunes. If it was raining, no problem...that's what the Coliseum was for. I still laugh when I think about the time Laura and I ran every single, solitary set of stairs in the Coliseum in a fleeting moment of fitness. No problem, until our jelly legs were unable to walk us back to the apartment. Lesson learned...nobody wins when you run the stairs.

  • Alpha Gam: I wasn't the "sorority type" when I decided to rush, but I'm glad I changed my mind. Many of my memories center around Alpha Gam events and friends. I'm beyond thankful for my 2 years living in Dixie Bibb Graves, my time on EC, formals, socials, pep rallies, runs to TCBY right at closing time, road trips, parades, Concourse dances, Homecoming floats, candlelights, those loooong days during rush, and so forth...

  • nights on the town: Way too many to count. Good music, good friends, good times. Some fun memories that are a little hazy and some that I've been sworn to take to my grave :) One standout: Benjy Davis Project at Bourbon Street...senior year...trip to the bathroom...unfortunate tumble off my high even more unfortunate landing...Laura walking thisclose to me all the way back to UC22...Rachel taking pictures that I hope have since been burned...the demise of my favorite jeans

  • food: Momma G's. Amsterdam. Niffers. Nihon. Provino's. Late night junk from Willie's. Barbecue House. Veggies to Go. Yum.

  • classes: Does that make me a nerd? I'll ponder that. I didn't always want to go to class, but I enjoyed most of them. I loved meeting new people each semester and had some great professors. I really loved my education classes; it was fun getting to learn things that I would actually use in the future. (One exception: Senger's math methods class. I refuse now and forever to use toothpicks with my students as a protest of what we were forced to do in this class.)

  • football: I loved that from September to the end of November, I never had to worry about weekend plans. Wake up, tailgate, game, out to celebrate the victory/mourn the loss...done! Repeat the next week. Jordan-Hare Stadium on game days will always be one of my favorite places on Earth. I love that, while I was a student, we beat Alabama every year. I love that I was there for the 2004 perfect season. I hope I never forget the splendor of the AU/GA game that year...last game of the season, nighttime kickoff, a victory, those paper shakers floating in the air...amazing.

  • friends: I can't even begin to describe my friends. They're in every memory and in my thoughts every day. My life would be empty without them.

  • graduation week: What a week. "The week everybody cried." Exciting, fun, full of hope, and sad all at the same time. Our last TT Tuesday, cap and gown photo shoot, soaking up each second because we knew it was about to be over. Walking across that stage and hearing my name. Having to wait until the next day to get my diploma because of $22.19 in dadgum copy charges. Celebration supper at Momma G's with Daddy and the girls and Trotline @ SkyBar. Next day lunch and lemonade at Toomer's with Kira, Oliver, and Laura. Saying goodbye and realizing everything had changed. Figuring out a new normal. I remember all of it. And it makes me smile.

    1. We were there at the same time! weird! haha Not really... but I always find it funny to find a blog of a young girl that was at Auburn the same time I was!

      My friends and I took a picture just like that one! Sort of! :)

    2. also, on the food... did you ever eat blue bagel!?! that was my favorite right next to momma g's!! yum!!


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