Sunday, May 9, 2010

weekends are my thing

I'm really good at enjoying weekends; it's one of my many, many talents. I headed to Tuscaloosa on a gloriously cool Saturday to go see the Blue Angels with Daddy. I was running late (spent the morning dawdling...surprise!) and that put us in a time crunch. *Side note: Blue Angels started at 3:00.* 1:30...aware that we were missing the fun "little planes" because I'm a slowpoke, we drove to the newspaper office, walked across the bridge over the river lugging a backpack and two chairs, and hiked through downtown Northport only to be told that the street was closed and we weren't allowed to walk to the airport this year. My grump factor went up a few notches. Back up the hill, back over the river (still hauling the aforementioned backpack and chairs), on to the shuttle pickup point...2:00. A policeman at the parking lot told us a shuttle would be by in 15-20 minutes, so we decided to wait. The shuttle finally arrives...2:40. Most definitely not the advertised 15-20 minutes. My grump meter is dangerously high. I'm kicking myself for being such a slowpoke because I'm positive we're going to miss the show and have the worst weekend in the history of the world.

The driver got us to the airport right at 3:00, we staked out our spot, and the Blue Angels started about 5 minutes later. The timing could not have been more perfect! Our spot this year was so much better than last year, and we got to see everything. I can't fathom being skilled enough and confident enough to fly a plane at that rate of speed that closely to someone else. I bet there are more than a few dominant personalities in that bunch of pilots! My pictures don't do it justice; the combination of a way-too-slow camera and a fair amount of operator error left my pictures a bit lacking. Oh well, at least I have something to show for being there!

The weather was awesome again for Mother's Day today. We had such a fun family day; I'm thankful for my mama :) With work schedules and such, the four of us don't get together as often as we would like. I was glad Daniel was able to come by for a little while before he had to go in to work. For her Mother's Day present, Mom wanted us to help make stepping stones for the front yard. I was excited; that's right up my alley. Daniel was a good sport, although that is most definitely not right up his alley. I liked the way they turned out; I'll have to get a picture of the final products from Mom. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! We love you :)

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