Saturday, May 22, 2010

A scattered Saturday morning

I'm in love. With a gum...Ice Breakers Ice Cubes: Cool Lemon. This gum is like chewable Toomer's lemonade; how can you go wrong with that? I bought a new pack the other day and was upset when I reached into my purse after lunch yesterday and found it empty. I dug around in there thinking it had spilled out into my purse. Nope. I chewed it all. In two days.

I saw something outside last night that made me desperately unhappy. It was one of those vile creatures whose name starts with an "r" and rhymes with "coach". I almost looked up a picture to put in this post, but then I wouldn't be able to come back here anymore. And that would be a tragedy. Do these nasty things serve a purpose? And if they do, isn't there anything else that can do whatever it is they do, just without the grossness? Thankfully, the thing was outside and not inside...that gives me the heebs like just about nothing else. My chivalrous neighbor kindly squished it for me and said he would leave it there as a warning to all the others. I hope they see their fallen comrade out there on the sidewalk and go hang out somewhere else for the summer.

I want to sew something today. It's been a while since I've had the time (or honestly, desire) to sew, so I'm going to take advantage of this. I don't know yet what I'm sewing...I'll get there when I get there. But I'm sewing something.

I made something really good the other night. It sounds weird, but it tasted amazing. Chicken+Amy's Chunky Tomato Bisque+Frank's Red Hot+sauteed onion+kidney beans+whole wheat rotini+a little shredded cheddar on top=seriously tasty.

I've finally given in and started watching "Friday Night Lights". When it first premiered, I remember thinking that it looked like a show I would enjoy. I made a concerted effort not to watch it, because I don't like being a slave to the TV. The new season started a couple of weeks ago and I watched it. And I'm hooked, just as I knew I would be. Not only am I now a slave to my TV, I'm going to have to spend my summer renting the previous seasons so I can get caught up. Sigh.

I heard this song on my drive home from Mobile last weekend. It made me laugh. Not that there's anyone I feel this way about (hmm), but if there was, I'm sure this would sum it up nicely :) Jaron and the Long Road to Love, "I Pray for You":

Thursday is the last day of school. This year has flown by; of course, there were times when it seemed to drag but overall? Poof! Flown by. The kiddos are so excited about moving up to 6th grade, and I'm excited for them. I'm more sad about this year being over than past years...I think because I'm not going to see them next year. I've loved this class and even though we've had some less-than-perfect moments, I'm going to miss them a lot. Whether they know it or not, they've taught me so much. I've put my heart and soul into teaching this year, and I hope my darlings are just a tiny little bit better for being in my class.

I don't know if I've ever been so excited about summer break. I've got places to go, sights to see, friends to visit, weddings to attend, books to read, movies to watch, things to sew, a life to live...can't wait to get on it!

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