Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I want to guard and protect your heart.

I've been debating whether I need to devote a post to this, and I've decided yes...yes I do. I've been watching "The Bachelorette" and I'm no longer ashamed. It's just too good to not watch. I'm sure it's edited, scripted, whatever to make it more entertaining...that doesn't bother me. Last night's episode was a glorious, cringe-worthy train wreck. I loved it! Some highlights:
  • Weatherman: Homeboy needs some serious self-esteem work. All I kept thinking while he called himself a schmuck, more than once, and cried (wept!) on camera was, "You're going to want someone to date you in the future. She's probably watching right now. Stop this. Stop this immediately." He was also giddy about getting to audition for "The Lion King" on Broadway. It was sweet...very sweet. Get my drift?
  • Kasey: Oh wow. Kasey really hopped onboard the crazy train last night. Ali is a better woman than I am. She kept a straight face through not one, not two, but three impromptu serenades by Krazy Kasey and his Kermit the Frog voice. (At the beginning of the season I was hesitant to think unkindly about his voice because I thought he might be kinda deaf. Not so much. That's just his actual, real, non-deaf voice.) If that had been me, you would have seen a Julie-shaped cloud of dust as I vacated the premises. I don't do crazy. Ali doubted his sincerity, so Krazy Kasey decided to get a tattoo to prove her wrong. Because, you know, what's more sincere than a tattoo you got to impress a girl you've known for like 2 weeks? He got a shield in front of a heart because, as he mentioned about 37 times last night, he wants to guard and protect Ali's heart. He also got 11 studs in the shield to represent the 11 guys left standing; they're all like brothers to Krazy Kasey. That was news to all of them since none of them like him, but whatever. The funny part: Krazy Kasey never got to show Ali his sweet tat. She gave him a rose because, after he took her advice and finally stopped singing, she appreciated that he was more normal and less over-the-top. Yeeaaah. Surely she'll send him home upon seeing his shield of love and protection, and Krazy Kasey will be walking amongst us again. Watch out, ladies!

I'm glad to get this off my chest. Now I can gather my few remaining brain cells and (maybe) accomplish something productive today! No promises, though.

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