Thursday, July 22, 2010

CVS + Julie = BFF

I'm not usually a two-a-day poster, but I've got to write this down while I'm still excited. In my quest to save money and eliminate Wal-Mart from my life (two weeks and counting!), I've started shopping at CVS. It's taken some time to figure their system out, but I've finally had a breakthrough. I get it now! I mentioned here that I had accumulated $22 in Extra Bucks from some purchases last week. I went today to get some things I needed, use up some coupons, and earn some more EB. Here's what I bought today:
Total before coupons, EB, and store deals: $39.21
Total after coupons and EB: $15.36

How fun! It's not a lot of stuff, but here's the breakdown. The Dial body wash was originally $4.88. They were marked down to $3.88 (plus $1 EB with purchase) and I had a $2 off coupon, so I got 2 of them. The Fiber One bars (way yum) were normally $4.99, but they were 2/$5, plus I had a coupon. If I bought $10 worth of Revlon makeup, I would earn $5 EB. I had a $2 off coupon for Revlon, so that worked out great. I needed new eyeliner and eyeshadow anyway! There were no special deals on the cotton balls, but I needed them and they were cheap.

I'm proud of my little stash! The makeup alone would have been nearly $15 if I had paid for it "as is". I got to use up some coupons that were fixing to expire, and I have $10 EB to spend in the next month. Plus, I would buy this anyway, so I didn't have to buy junk just to use coupons/get EB. Not too shabby! Maybe I can do even better next time...

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