Tuesday, August 10, 2010

juggling act

School starts this week (Thursday, to be exact) and it seems like I'm juggling 895,432 things right now. Every time I cross one thing off my ever present to-do list, I add two more. Meet the Teacher Day is tomorrow and I feel like I should have taken a pillow and toothbrush up to school and made a night of it. I always want everything to be PERFECT on this day. My new kiddos and their parents will be seeing the room and meeting me for the first time. I'm praying that it will go well and I really am excited to meet the new kiddos. I know God has a plan for our class this year, and I can't wait to go along for the ride! Now if I could just get these 120 labels cut out and put on folders and get into bed, I'll be ready for that ride to begin...

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