Monday, September 13, 2010

What have YOU stepped on today?

Today was a really good day. I decided to extend the goodness of it all by taking a walk as the air cooled off a bit this evening. I was enjoying some tunes and soaking up some fresh air, when I saw a neighbor wave at me. I stopped on a little pile of leaves on the ground and talked with him for a second. Something told me to look down, and when I did, I noticed that the leaves...well, they had a face. A face that looked like this:
I'm not a fan of possums. They're gross, they have scary teeth and claws, and they look like overgrown rats. Don't much like 'em. PARTICULARLY when they're squished flat as a pancake and hiding under a pile of leaves on top of which I'm standing! I. Came. Unglued. My neighbor, once he caught his breath from laughing and wiped the tears off his face, grabbed a shovel out of his garage, scraped Pancake off the road, and threw him the woods. Too little, too late. I am changed, and not for the better.

My possum-tainted tennis shoes are now sitting outside my door; they're no longer welcome inside. Any ideas for getting possum ick off your shoes?

I hope your Monday was marvelous, and that you stepped on zero dead animals today.

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