Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's all pray for this man

I've been making a conscious decision every day to not speak or think badly about people but instead, to pray for them. Some days I go down in a big fat burning ball of failure, but at least I'm trying. On that note, this man really needs some prayers.

Kanye West is not one of my favorite people. He seems to suffer from a severe case of I-think-I'm-much-more-important-than-I-really-am syndrome. This is a terrible sickness that I hope to never develop...and if I do come down with it, I hope someone will love me enough to knock me down off my self-constructed pedestal. After watching this interview I found on my homepage, it hit me how miserably unhappy Mr. West must be. He needs prayers from more people than just me.
(2:27 and 6:36 are what made me cringe. Ick. Prayers, prayers, prayers.)

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  1. I totally agree......that interview was hard to watch...he is.....well, yuck


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