Sunday, November 14, 2010

On the rolling plains of Dixie

I got to spend my Saturday in my happy place, glorious Auburn, Alabama. As much as I adore Auburn, I'm glad that I moved away...for the sole fact that I get little-kid-on-Christmas-morning excited when I get to visit. It was a stellar day. Tailgating, darling friends, great weather, fabulous seats (albeit in the GA section...which cleared out nicely by the end!), a visit from Sir Bo, a flyover, a gorgeous sunset, and a solid victory. Oh, and this goosebumpy moment, which makes me want to weep and sing the fight song. Bo is such a high-class kinda guy...I bet Michael Dyer won't ever wash his forehead again.

I was unhappy with the thuggish behavior displayed by some of the players and some of the fans (from both teams), but instead of griping about it, I'll just pray for all of them :) One thing, though: how stupid must you be to throw a bare-handed punch, over a referee's shoulder, at a player wearing a helmet? And pads? And a face mask? When you're already winning by more than 2 touchdowns? Does it feel good to get booted off the field like a CHILD and have to run past the student section on your way to your time-out corner? Me thinks no. An Auburn man (at least, an Auburn man with any class and self-control) is better than that. Oops, this sounds unkind. Better get back to praying...see how far I fall? And so quickly! I've got my work cut out for me.

All in all, I enjoyed the day so much. I'm THRILLED that I got to go to this game. I'm so proud of my Tigers and their hard-earned 11-0 record and their guaranteed spot in Atlanta next month. War Eagle!

I was wondering why this UGA majorette had her hair pulled back in such a tight bun. The reason why became immediately apparent to me when she, you know, set her batons on fire. All FIVE of her batons. Engulfed in flames. She was easily the biggest hit of the halftime show.

I love this one of the field...the colors turned out so bright and pretty.

orange and blue sunset

And THIS is how the West was won. WDE.

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