Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"It looks like Christmas threw up in here!"

 I decided to be a bit festive this year and string up some lights in my classroom. I had these lit up and some peaceful, instrumental Christmas music playing when the kiddos walked in this morning. The above comment was the first one I heard; I was assured this is a good thing. The kids were SO excited. We spent much of our time today with the overhead lights off (and blinds open) so that they could work by "Christmas light" ("Fred's" term). As long as I kept the Christmas music on, they were silent...and if you think I didn't play the crap out of that CD all day, you are way wrong. I know a good thing when I see it...or hear it! $9 for a string of lights and a CD is a small price to pay for jolly, hardworking 5th graders. If only it was always so easy!


  1. You are the best teacher ever! I love that you brought the Christmas spirit to your classroom. I am pretty sure if my teachers had put up lights and played Christmas music, I would have worked harder too! Love it!

  2. Elizabeth, any one of my students would probably disagree with you at any given moment, but you're sweet to say that :) They're still loving the lights and the music, so I'm milking them for all they're worth!


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