Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am blessed to have a car. I am blessed to have a car. I am blessed...

This was my mantra this evening. I repeated it over and over as I took Mitzy in to replace some tires. I repeated it over and over as I killed over two hours at the Galleria (just thankful I didn't have to sit and read car magazines for two hours!). Due to my trip to the Galleria, I got the following things accomplished: chose my wedding china that I'll register for in approximately 31 years, cruised through National Championship t-shirts, narrowly avoided being lured in for a Healing Asian Massage, got a balloon from a clown (whom I also tried to avoid), and rode the glass elevator twice. You know, just for fun. I reminded myself how blessed I am to have a car when Mitzy's new tires cost me my "fun money" for the next two months. I reminded myself how blessed I am to have a car when I remembered that, due to her incredible alignment issues, I shall most definitely be buying more tires within the year. That Mitzy. She's a high-maintenance chick!

I'm also blessed to have a cell phone. I don't think I've ever thought about that until mine totally stopped working today. You know, while waiting for my car (which also sometimes stops working) to be fixed. I made a pit stop at the AT&T place to see what could be done. My feelings were ALMOST hurt when Chris (my new AT&T friend) looked at my circa-2008 phone and said, "Oh cute! A flip phone!" You know, Chris, some of us couldn't give a rat's behiney about the latest in phone technology. I just want one I can talk on occasionally. It was like I had whipped out a Zack Morris phone or something. He ended up being quite helpful and fixed my phone, but told me it was on its last leg. Oh yeah, and I lost most of my numbers. Swell.

Yall, this "being thankful at all times" thing is really hard. It's a discipline! Have you ever tried it? As difficult as it is sometimes, I love it because it helps keep life in perspective. And that's never a bad thing.

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  1. Bless you heart. Rough day. We are going to be using some of our fun money on some new tires too cost way too much money! War Eagle friend!


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