Sunday, January 2, 2011

A numbered list kind of day

1. If one has to go back to work after Christmas break, there's nothing like a professional development-less work day to kick things off. Amen.

2. I'm going to miss drinking as much water as I want to and going to the bathroom whenever I want to when work starts back.

3. Those two days of spring-like temperatures sure were nice, even though it rained. Thankfully, the next ten days seem to be manageably cold. I'll take it.

4. The Bachelor and Jersey Shore both premiere this week. This girl is pleased.

5. I'm taking a break from grad school this semester. Got some pondering to do.

6. I've been using Vaseline and vitamin E oil on my hands and feet at night...been sleeping with socks on hands and feet. I look ridiculous, but if you rubbed on a baby's behiney and then my hands and feet, I bet you couldn't tell the difference.

7. I sewed 24 burp cloths over my break. All of my procreating friends can continue to procreate. I've got you covered.

8. I've embarked upon a big friend purge on facebook. This may mean losing the "Facebook Queen" crown that my principal bestowed on me a couple of years ago, but I'm okay with that. I've never wanted to be a queen anyway.

9. I understand that twenty-eleven is more syllabically efficient than two-thousand-eleven, but it rubs me the wrong way. I refuse to get on board with it.

10. I've never used the word syllabically before I typed out #9. I kinda like it.

11. I'm planning to be trained as an adult literacy tutor this month. The idea of teaching an adult to read makes me pretty nervous, but very excited. I hope I don't chicken out.

12. Counting today, I haven't eaten sugar (in the form of candy, cookies, etc.) in 3 days. I'm doing a little experiment to see how cutting out sugar makes me feel. I decided to post it here to hold myself accountable. The way I see it, having to admit here that I caved and ate 37 Oreos in one sitting will be a good deterrent...we'll see!

13. I had a great long conversation with my mama today. Love her.

14. I'm reading a historical fiction book about Mary. You know, the mother of Jesus...that Mary. Way, very good.

15. Here's a sneak peek of the top-secret project I'm sewing...I'm very excited to see it all come together:

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