Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Missed opportunity

I'm working to backup (back up? back-up? which one is it?) the eleventy hundred pictures I have on my computer, and I came across this jewel from October 2009. In our defense, this was taken when we were in the middle of planning our pose and wholly unprepared to be snapped:

(We're not usually so devoid of pigment. Well, at least Kira isn't.)

It was taken post-AU/Kentucky game, on an unseasonably, unnecessarily cold evening. What happened right after this picture was taken still haunts me a bit.

Kira and I started the hike to my car about midnight, and we were looking forward to thawing ourselves out when we were stopped by a "Hey ladies!" We turned around and a little boy, followed by two gentlemen, was talking to us.

Little Boy: "Do yall watch Cougar Town?"
Us: "Nope."
Little Boy [pointing to the exceedingly attractive, smiling man behind him]: "Well my Uncle Josh is on that show."
Us: (awkward laughter)
Me: "Well, that's neat."

That's neat. Does anybody say "neat" anymore? I could only have been lamer if I'd dropped a "neato".

Then (this is the part that still haunts me) we turned and walked away. Just up and left. How impolite and . . . unsouthern! Granted, we were thinking strange men. midnight. by ourselves. frostbite setting in. must. get. away. now.

I couldn't shake the thought that he looked familiar so I looked him up when I got home. Dear heavens. I knew who he was. He'd been on Brothers & Sisters, of which I was a devoted fan, for most of a season. I'd seen him on TV plenty of other times. And I turned and walked away without so much as a "Nice to meet you!" I left without getting to shake his hand or smell him or have him autograph any of my body parts or offering to move out to L.A. and cook him supper every night.

That could have been my big chance. Sigh. Back to the drawing board.


  1. Ugh, I hate that feeling! In your defense deep cold does frost over Southern charm. Who can muster up Southern hospitality when you are so frozen your nose is running and you have no idea it is because your face is completely numb.

  2. Great story, so funny! I love your faces in that picture. I have been pestering Kira to start a blog...I think I am beginning to annoy her so I am laying off now : ) Thanks for sharing your funny story! I have plenty of moments like that too : )

  3. Your so funny! I'm not sure I would have done anything differently. I mean, who strikes up a converstaion with total strangers at midnight?
    Happy Friday, tomorrow!


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