Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bubba's birthday

Today is my darling little brother's birthday.

FYI, Daniel's the one in the devil mask and I'm the shiny, glittery, ruffly ballerina sugarplum fairytale princess. This was Halloween 1990 (or '91). He absolutely had his sweet little baby heart set on that costume, so that's what he got. Daniel wore that devil costume to his preschool Halloween party...his Catholic preschool Halloween party. I wish I could've seen his teachers' faces when the Prince of Darkness himself walked into the classroom.

My Bubba is 24 whole years old today. He was turning 16 just yesterday, so this comes as a bit of a shock to me. I won't go on and on and on about him because, uh, he'll hate it. Read here for more of that.

I'm fairly crazy about my Bubba. It's been fun seeing him really grow up over the last few years. That kid has a work ethic that I'm jealous of. He's a full-time nursing student in a very competivitve program, and works at an inpatient mental health facility when he's not in class or doing clinicals or studying. In fact, he's celebrating his birthday today by working a double shift. He'll be graduating in December, and I'm so excited for him to finally be a real, live nurse.

Bubba, I think you're kinda cool. Happy birthday to you!


  1. Ha! i love the cute pic of you and him as kids!

  2. Goodness what a pair of cuties! Happy birthday bubba!

  3. What a great picture!
    Your brother is the same age as my youngest daughter...both born in 86. I am so glad that you are now special friends!

  4. Thanks for the happy birthday wishes, yall...I know Daniel appreciates them :)

    This is one of my very favorite pictures of us as wee ones. I love how different we were. He's dressed as the devil with a scary pumpkin, and my happy pumpkin and I are sitting in an imaginary cloud of glitter and fairy dust and happiness :)

    Differences make the world go 'round! Thanks for reading and commenting, friends!



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