Saturday, March 19, 2011

My happy place

I made a trip to glorious Auburn with Mimi and Grandad on Wednesday. I'm convinced that this lovely little town truly is God's country.

Many of my happiest days were spent here, and it'll always be home to me.

We started our trip off right, with a stop at Momma G's. An all-the-way Momma's Love makes this girl a happy camper. This place is a definite must-do any time I'm in town.

My precious Kira and I had lunch at Momma G's the day I officially moved away from Auburn in 2007. I was overcome with nostalgia and sadness at the prospect of leaving my adopted hometown for good, so Kira suggested we leave our mark at this beloved hole-in-the-wall. I'm so glad we did.

(Look for us over by the--newly renovated and MUCH nicer--bathroom.)

Mimi and Grandad shared stories about their time in Auburn back in the late '50s/early '60s. Grandad was a building science student then, and Mimi peddled Avon door-to-door to help support their young, growing family. This four-room house near the corner of Glenn and Dean was the setting of many of their memories. It's the house that my dad, then a wee little one, first called home.

Grandad laughed about his makeshift study in the attic (the only quiet place in the house), and Mimi recalled hanging (lots and lots of) diapers to dry on the clothesline in the backyard.

We drove to Toomer's Corner to see the oaks. We wanted to see firsthand what they looked like after being poisoned several months ago.

They looked a bit scraggly. Quite honestly, I think they've looked a bit scraggly for a few years now...even before Mr. Harvey Updyke decided to kill them. They're still majestic and beautiful, though, and I plan to enjoy them for the rest of their time with us.

We reveled in our first trip to Auburn since the National Championship win.

We wrapped it all up with a visit to Auburn Hardware. It's one of those lovely old hardware stores where you can find literally anything under the sun: cookware, serving pieces, horseshoes, tools, barrels, Wickles...

This day was such a blessing: a visit to one of my favorite places with two of my favorite people. The icing on the cake? I got to see my all-time favorite sign on the way home:

Who doesn't like a gentle reminder at 70 mph about eternal damnation? This never fails to make me smile.

Happy Saturday, yall!


  1. That is exactly what I say? Especially after being in NYC for a week...the Bible belt is where you want to live!
    Thanks for sharing your happy made me happy to see it!
    missed you

  2. oh my! that sign! Can't say I have ever seen anything like that around where I live.

  3. Val---Thanks for the comment (and all the other ones you leave around here!)...makes me smile every time!

    Annesta---Glad you made it back to the Bible Belt in one piece! I love to share Auburn with anybody I can get to sit still for a moment :) Can't wait to "hear" more about your trip!

    Leesha---That sign always makes me laugh. Unless, however, I see it on a Sunday on my way home from Auburn when I didn't quite make it to church. In that case, I have to turn my head as I drive by :)


  4. ALL of these pictures gave me chills..... I knew there was some reason I had a gut feeling to click over here from Pioneer woman's cow post!

    Sadly I haven't been back to Auburn in a year! Oh my... a year. I think I might die. (Thankfully there is a Momma G's in Warner Robins, GA... about 15 minutes from where I live!! I get my fill often.

    War Eagle (:


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