Sunday, March 20, 2011

Procastination is my game

Sometimes I wish I wasn't, but I am a procrastinator. I can't even begin to count the number of times I've started a paper with the due date looming 12 hours away or found myself still doing laundry at 10:00 the night before a trip. And lesson plans? Don't get me started on how I put off my lesson plans. Oh I get 'em done before my 28 darlings walk in Monday morning, but I'm never one of those who are ready for the next week by Friday afternoon. Never.

That just ain't how I roll.

After a long, glorious, beautiful, sunny, warm, restful spring break, it's back to the real world tomorrow. We have professional development all day, and the kiddos will join us on Tuesday. I've been asked to present some ideas on technology (egads!) to the whole faculty (yikes!) tomorrow, and I'm writing on my ridiculous little blog instead of gathering information for my sure-to-be-riveting presentation.

And you know what? The procrastination doesn't end there.

I want you to see some pictures Nikki and I took at my parents' house this weekend. Lucky you.

Mama and Millie wallowin' around in the sunshine

Daddy snapped this little nuthatch coming out of his hidey-hole.

the view across the road...seeing this makes me instantly think of home and feel warm and fuzzy

the largest moon in like 400 kajillion (or, uh, 18) years coming up over the pond

I like that you can just barely see the tops of the trees.

This shot makes me hit my knees in thankful prayer that I decided to upgrade my camera. What a glorious creation our Moon is!

Although I know you're desperate to see every single picture I've got saved on my computer, I have a presentation to prepare. Procrastination, get behind me!

Don't you hate when responsibility rears its ugly head?

Happy new week, yall!


  1. Oh man, what a great shot. Million times better then the shot I got.

  2. amazing pictures!!...and i procrastinate too!

  3. I LOVE your pictures of the moon!! The are amazing. We all really love the moon in my family, you did a great job with those pics. And that procrastinator monster gets me all the time...I am really a bad one. I think you can be really productive in the last few minutes : ) By the way my mom is loving your blog as well. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the compliments on the picture, yall! I failed to mention that I had to take about 20 miserably bad shots before I finally landed that one :)

    Elizabeth, so glad your mama is reading! And I can be INCREDIBLY productive as the seconds tick down :)



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