Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I just realized I completely ignored Thankful Thursday last week. It wasn't that I wasn't thankful...I was. Last Thursday was just one of those "I have a 7:00 DC trip meeting at school and I'm not going to get home until 8:30 and then I've still got stuff to do and oh, look! it's bedtime" kinda nights. Sorry if it completely ruined your week. Feel free to fuss at me if it did.

Today I'm thankful for...
  • the grace of God, and my prayer every single day is that I'll be a reflection of His grace...I hope I succeed more than I fail
  • my family and friends
  • my health
  • my little life...simple, nothin' fancy, but it's mine and I enjoy the heck out of it
  • my job
  • H-Day (field day) coming up of the best days of the schoolyear! Shaved ice truck this year...we are PUMPED!
  • just enough money to take care of all my needs and buy a few extras
  • Monday morning prayer group
  • the two great days in a row I've had with my students
  • some tasty new recipes I've been able to make lately
  • Suzy's new recipe o' the week feature...I'm always looking for good new ones, and her post today didn't disappoint! Check her out.
  • spring weather
  • my NetiPot
  • the new shoes I was able to buy first pair of Merrells, and I'm in love...IN love. If it's possible for feet to smile, mine are doing that right now.
  • making it through our walking club meeting today with less struggle than yesterday
  • a successful DC trip meeting last Thursday...I think we've got a fabulous group of folks on our bus
  • a little bit of freedom and wiggle room now that testing is finished
  • the safe arrival of healthy, handsome Will Huckabay this week...Ellen & George, I'm glad your "Huckababy" is finally here!
  • summertime fast approaching
  • figuring out how to embed videos on the ol' blog
  • Paul McDonald's performance on American Idol last night...he absolutely TORE the place down! I'd be lying if I said I didn't get up and dance. He's made such a name for himself since our college days, and I'm so proud of him. Hope he makes it to the next round! (*Edited to add---He made it through! On to next week!)



  1. I also am so thankful for my nedipot...especially last week when I had the nasties!
    Your brave to go with 5th graders to Washington, DC! Let me know when so I can pray for you all!
    have a great weekend!

  2. Isn't it wonderful? I start to get antsy if I can't use mine at least twice a think that should be a concern? :) I went on the trip for the first time last year and had the time of my life. I couldn't help but sign on again this year! We leave at the very end of the month and I"m so excited. Thanks for your prayers!



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