Saturday, April 9, 2011

Know what's cool?

*getting to meet your 6 week old puppy-niece for the first time

*living close enough to family to visit whenever I want

*fun plans to look forward to

*waking up early on a Saturday and just being thankful that you woke up another day

*friends who invite you along on a fun outing, just because they want to spend time with you

*friends who call just because

*accidentally falling asleep on the couch after work and not feeling like a zombie afterwards

*spending $100 a month at the drugstore and realizing how much more it would cost without insurance

*blog friends (Check 'em: Annesta...Ashley...Darcy...Joanna...Lauren...Leesha...Sarah Barry...Val) It's been fun getting to know people that I've never actually met in real life. (Well, I've never met them except for Ashley and Lauren...I met them here.)

*new blog followers...I smile every time I see a new little picture box pop up under my followers list

*no rain on H-Day, despite the heavy, gray clouds

*figuring out that I generally feel better when I eat real, healthy foods (Hey, I've never claimed to be a quick learner!)

*a clean bathroom


What's on your cool list these days?


  1. J, how did I miss that you actually met the PW? I am so jealous!! I read her book in one sitting.
    I loved sitting in my favorite coffee shop today reading and having a yummy breakfast. Just loving this weekend.

  2. Annesta, I went and met her when she came to Atlanta last month. It was such a fun day, and I made some sweet new friends. I think that was the week you were in NYC, so you weren't glued to your computer waiting for my next post :)

    So glad you're getting to enjoy some R&R this weekend!


  3. I think YOU are cool!!! You left that one off of the list!

  4. Lauren, you are far too kind. I didn't mention it because I figured that one was just understood ;) Hope you have a good week, friend!



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