Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Randomness and my graduversary

I wanted to post about Day 3 of our school's Virginia/DC trip, but I just ain't up to it tonight. I'll get right on that tomorrow. In the meantime, here are a few things to chew on...

*My darling Bubba was recognized at a ceremony today for earning a pretty hefty memorial scholarship. I'm ridiculously proud of him, and I know he's tickled about his schoolin' money. He's only got one semester left in nursing school. So excited to see him walk across the stage in December!

*I really enjoyed my students today. It's the end of the year and everybody's starting to get a little sappy. I know they'll only miss me for a few days (if that), but it's nice to hear that they like being in my class. And I don't think they said that only because I'm the one in charge of the grades!

*I plan on sewing myself silly this summer. I'll be sure to post my projects (flubs and all) here so yall can see. Hopefully, knowing this is coming will help you get out of bed in the morning...you're welcome.

*It's gotten excessively hot here. It was nearly 90 degrees today, and that's a smidge too warm for my taste. I guess I should get used to it...it's here to stay until October! I'm trying to see how long I can hold out 'til I have to turn my air conditioning on. I'm nothing if not frugal.

*My lovely friend Suzy posted one of my very favorite breakfast recipes today. I'm one of those people who claims to not love breakfast foods, but this'll make a believer out of ya! Check her out.

*So far, I've ended nearly every one of my randoms with an exclamation point, although not on purpose. Would! You! Look! At! That!

*Four years ago today, I graduated from Auburn and turned into a grownup (debatable). That makes today my graduversary. As much as I like my real world life, I'm so thankful I have fun college memories to look back on. Read all about them in this post from last year.

{l-r...Laura, Kira, me, Rachel...senior roomies in front of Samford Hall...picture stolen shamelessly and without regret from Rachel}

*Tomorrow is Wednesday, which means the rest of the week is downhill. Enjoy it, friends! More trip talk tomorrow :)


  1. Happy graduversary : ) I enjoyed looking back at your old post of Auburn memories. Good good times indeed!

  2. Elizabeth, thanks for the graduversary wishes...I'm thinking Hallmark should get on board with this newly-minted holiday :) I'm glad I could drag you along my walk down memory lane. I don't want to be one of those folks who's stuck in their college days, but we sure had some fun, didn't we?!


  3. i had a sewing oops last week. i was making baby booties and sewed the feet together. i have pics, though my pride has yet to let me post them!! you need to come teach me tricks of the trade. fo sho!

  4. happy graduversary. i did not walk for my graduation and i always kind of wish i had.

    can't wait to see your future sewing projects!

  5. How lovely that you commemorate your graduation! Congratulation from me, too! You are in a worthy profession and I am not saying that just cause I'm in it too! You touch lives and make a huge difference. Just wait till you are in a restaurant and someone comes up to you and says, "Are you Ms. _______? You were my 5th grade teacher back in 2011."
    My daughter also sews...don't know where she got that...I will be looking forward to seeing all your creations.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  6. Lauren, reading about your "oops" made me smile. I do stuff like that all. the. time. Makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one :)

    Thanks for stopping by!


  7. Sarah Barry, I'll definitely post some projects this summer. I'm actually working to finish a birthday banner...inspired by you!! Can't wait to show it to ya :)


  8. Annesta, thanks for the congrats :) It may seem ridiculous to celebrate a college graduation four years later, but it was a big day for me and, therefore, worth remembering! I'm excited to see what my students end up doing throughout the rest of their schooling years. I hope some of them keep in touch! I would love to see some of your daughter's sewing projects...it's always fun to see what others are creating!

    Thanks for checking in :)



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