Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting in touch with my inner Scarlett

I love Gone with the Wind. Love, love, love, love, LOVE it. I've read the 1,000+ page book three times and seen the movie countless other times. I own the 70th anniversary collectors edition DVD. A few years ago, I was given what has to be one of the greatest Christmas presents of all time: a first edition copy of the book published in 1937. Major score for Mama and Daddy. If you absolutely forced me to choose which one I liked best, the book or the movie, my vote goes to the book. The book includes so many more details that had to be cut from the movie for time's sake. The book and movie are just so intertwined in my mind that I really do think they're both incredible.

If you're bored out of your ever-lovin' mind right now, it won't hurt my feelings if you run away screaming. I don't blame you.

Yesterday, Mimi took me, my cousin Sarah, and Sarah's boyfriend Chas on a little Southern adventure. We went to Arlington House in Birmingham to eat lunch and tour the house. It's the only antebellum home in Birmingham (fun fact: Bham didn't really exist before the war), and it. is. FABULOUS. This was completely up my alley. I love old homes, Southern antebellum homes in particular.

{I took this shot with one from the movie in mind...}

{Kinda, sorta similar, right?}

The lighting in most of my indoor pictures is pretty horrific...I know. Midday summertime sunshine is no friend of mine.

{Mimi thought this chaperone couch, with room for a courting couple and a chaperone in between, was a fabulous idea.}

{The quilt on this bed, called a crazy quilt, was phenomenal. Somebody please teach me how to do that.}

{close-up of the pretty wedding dress and shoes displayed in the master bedroom}

{ these girls to utter pieces}

There were even girls in hoop skirts, hats, and gloves there to do the tours. (I was a bit bummed that they were rocking hoop skirts and I wasn't. I think I could totally rock a hoop skirt.) The Arlington House is a really incredible step back in time. If you're ever in the area, you should absolutely add this to your to-do list. Get in touch with your inner Scarlett!


  1. Julie,
    I remember reading GWTW when I was a teenager and absolutely loving it! The book is so much better than the movie (althought I do like the movie a lot). What a fun "field trip" for you girls to search out your inner Scarlet.
    Enjoy these last scraps of summer!

  2. Wow that is so cool! What a fun trip.

  3. Annesta, I'm glad I've found another person who prefers the book. Heck, I'm glad to find another person who's READ the book! This was such a fun little adventure. We're hoping to go back at Christmas when it's all decorated. Wouldn't that be gorgeous?? I'm wallowing around in every last bit of my better believe it :)

    Thanks for stopping in, friend!


  4. Val, I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. Have you ever read Gone with the Wind? As an author yourself, I'd be interested to hear what you think about Margaret Mitchell's style. I hope you have a lovely weekend, and try to stay COOL! Thanks for dropping by.


  5. What a fun field trip!

    And GWTW....LOVE. Have you read Pat Conroy's 'My Reading Life'? There is a chapter in which he writes about GWTW and how it influenced his life as southern writer. It's SO good and such a great tribute to the book.

  6. I have loved Gone With the Wind since I was a kid. I absolutely LOVE it. Whats crazy is that I have never read the book *gasp*! So just last week I ordered it in to my local library. Someday my hope is to take a tour of the Southern states and visit all those plantation and historical homes. Im such a history buff that Im salivating over just the idea (and the photo's you posted!). If walls could talk! Your so lucky to be able to randomly visit such beautiful homes.. I would be a heaven photographing those places!! I keep rambling...can you tell you touched on a favorite subject of mine?? :)

  7. Sarah Barry, I'm glad to know another GWTW fan :) I've never read anything by Pat Conroy, but I've heard fabulous things about him. I'm adding your recommendation to my "to read" list :) Thanks for dropping by! I always love hearing from you.


  8. Leesha, welcome to the GWTW fan club :) Judging from the comments, we're not alone in our love for it! You should absolutely, ABSOLUTELY read the book without stopping when it comes in from the library. It's incredibly long, but it's so interesting and exciting that you find yourself hoping it won't end. Let me know what you think when you finally read it!

    Your comment really made me think. I guess I've always taken for granted that I live in an area where homes like these abound. I love seeing them and touring them, but I've never stopped to think that, while these kinds of homes are just minutes away from me, other people have never seen anything like them in real life. So, now that you mention it, I realize how lucky I am :) If you ever make a trip down this way, be SURE to let me know. I love to play "tour guide", and I may even wear a hoop skirt for you :) Thanks a bunch for being such a faithful reader!



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