Monday, July 25, 2011

Absolutely nothing

My apologies to you if you're expecting to read a thought-provoking post that makes your spirit soar and your heart sing. This ain't it. It's Monday, and although I have plenty to say, none of my thoughts are cohesive. I blame it on Monday.

1. I have 15 more days of summer break. The end of summer/beginning of the school year always bring such a weird mix of emotions for me. I've got all sorts of exciting "teacher" ideas swimming around in my head, but I certainly wouldn't turn down an extra week (or six) of summer break.

2. We're supposed to get some rain today, and that makes me happy. We need it in a large way. I like rainy days, unless it results in inside recess. Then the students start pouting, and their teacher pouts right along with them. I'm outside recess's #1 fan. Those babies need to run!

3. So far, I've read 15 books this summer. And yes, I've kept a list. Nerd.

4. Last fall, I started working on my masters degree. I haven't taken a class since. I just may not want to get my masters, at least right now. There are too many other things I want to do with my life these days. Does this make me unambitious?

5. I've said before that I think I have trouble remembering important, pertinent information because I have so much random junk floating around in my brain. I learned this week that my darling brother has the same issue. He couldn't remember something vital he was trying to tell me (I've already forgotten what it surprise), but he remembered that our family flew on a Southwest Airlines plane when we went on our cruise 12 years ago. We're two peas in a weirdo pod.

6. I have these itty bitty, totally obnoxious, nearly impossible to kill little flying bugs in my kitchen. Gnats? Fruit flies? I have done everything imaginable to get rid of them. I've stopped keeping fruits and veggies on the counter. I've scrubbed my counters, sink, and floor. About 13 times, I've thought they were gone but then they show their nasty little bug faces again. Yesterday, in a moment of total desperation, I turned on the vacuum and ran around with the wand, sucking up as many as I could. And you know what they did? They flew back out of the hose when I turned the vacuum off. They are the current bane of my existence, and I want them dead. Any advice?

7. The Bachelorette comes on tonight, and as much as I don't want to like this show, I look forward to Monday nights. Tonight is the Fantasy Suite dates. I've always had mixed feelings about this stage of the show, and I've wondered before what I would do if I made it to the Fantasy Suite portion of the show. I think I would turn down the doubt. Would you "forgo your individual room"?

8. I love Wickles. Love, love, love them. They've kind of ruined other storebought pickles for me. I especially love that they're made here in Alabama, in the hometown of my darling friends Kira and Oliver. I once saw a jar of Wickled okra and passed it up, and I've regretted it ever since. I couldn't find it anywhere after that! I discovered a jar at Publix last week and nearly caused a scene. I've been eating Wickled okra like that's my true calling. Who knows? Maybe that is my true calling. (I found, upon further research, that the website calls it "Wicked Okra" and not "Wickled Okra". You know what? I like "Wickled Okra" better, so that's what it shall remain.)

9. On my flight to Texas, we flew through lots of rain and a few thunderstorms. We teach our 5th graders about the types of clouds and what they can tell us about weather, so I snapped some shots out the window to use in my lessons this year. Check out this thunderstorm:

 {I hope my new schoolbabies are as impressed by this one as I was.}

If you read all the way through this, you deserve a cash prize. Be checking your mailbox. Happy Monday, yall!


  1. send me my cash prize! i read it all!! hahahah! and i agree with fantasy suite if i were ever on the show! i will be watching tonight!

  2. You are too funny!
    I can relate completely to #1. I would start getting so grumpy when it was getting close to going back to work. It's much better now since I take little small breaks all through the year.
    Number your list please!
    Number 7....feel the same way...exactly!
    Have a really great week!

  3. Number 5 sounds just like me. I am sooo forgetful (what did I eat for dinner last night?? what did I do last weekend? I dunno) But I cant remember the most random thing like the NyQuil commercial jingle from when I was a kid. Weird. :)

  4. Lauren, be checking your mail for your prize! I'm a schoolteacher, so you know I'm just rolling in money :) You're a champ, though! I'm glad you'll be watching tonight, and I'm glad you share my fantasy suite thoughts. I couldn't imagine saying yes and knowing that EVERYBODY I know would be watching the episode...ick.

    Thanks for stopping by, friend, and enjoy your new week :)


  5. Annesta, I'll post my list soon. I knew you would be asking for it! I'm also glad you share my Fantasy Suite thoughts. Way too weird for me. I hope your week is off to a great start, and I appreciate you stopping by today!


  6. Leesha, I'm glad to know someone as weird as me :) I can remember all sorts of random things from a long time ago, but have a hard time remembering things that are actually important. I need to free up some brain space! Hey, at least we could rock a trivia night :) Thanks for dropping in, and I hope your week is off to a lovely start!


  7. I love the photo! You have given me so much to comment on in this post so I shall number them...
    1) Enjoy EVERY LAST MINUTE of your summer break!
    2) I do love a good rainshower :)
    3) I want your list - I am currently looking for a new good
    4)You are not unambitious - ambition is every THINKING about going back to school!
    5) Random info is more fun than useful info
    6)I have no recommendations, but I have ants - so if YOU have any recommendations, I'll take them :)
    7) I am also SO excited about the Bachelorette, despite the fact that I wish I wasn't. I, too, am torn about the Fantasy Suite - I like to think I would forgo the group room but, alas, I shall never have the chance to make the decision.
    8)I have been scared to try Wickles - maybe I should rethink that...
    9)Flying is fun...but in the end it is like being on a bus in the air.
    10) I hope your week is FANTABULOUS and I would love to catch up soon - tomorrow maybe?

  8. p.s. Sorry for the long comment. Also, I wanted to let you know that you are the reason that I posted those cathedral and Alcatraz posts so thanks for reading!

  9. I'm interested in your reading list as well.

    I will also have to try wickles since I'm a pickle fan...thanks for the tip.

    Last summer when our air went out,we got those tiny flies. Yes, they are VERY aggravating and SO hard to get rid of! I tried many things and the only thing that ended up working was taking the kitchen garbage can out of the house for several days...I think the smell of the garbage was keeping them around...gross I know. They were even in our bathrooms =( I put it on our back porch...kind of annoying to go outside to throw away garbage but worth it in the end when they disappeared for good. Hopefully you have a balcony!

  10. LA, I love your long comment! That one took some effort, friend! I actually do have an ant remedy, so I'll email that to you. I haven't tried it yet, but I've heard it's foolproof. Don't be afraid of Wickles! They're not hot; they just have a kick to them. I'm obsessed. Thanks for sharing your Alcatraz and cathedral pictures...I'm living vicariously through you :) I'll try to holla at ya tomorrow!

  11. Kristi, I didn't know you were a pickle fan. Wickles are sweet with a kick, so if you like that, you'll fall in love with Wickles. Most grocery stores/Wal-Marts around here carry them. Thanks for your tip about the trash. I just took it out this morning and it's empty now, so we'll see if that helps. Otherwise, my trash can may find a new home outside until these dadgum things go away! That makes me feel better that somebody else has had them...I was starting to worry that I was just a filthy person or something :)

    I hope your week has gotten off to a great start!


  12. Julie,

    Check your pasta, flour, or any other kind of starchy based things (cereal, et al.) that you keep in your pantry. We had those stupid teeny bugs a few years ago and they didn't live in our fruit...they lived in our rice and cereal! Hope you find them!

    - Manda

  13. Manda, I had never even thought of that! I keep flour and sugar in the freezer to keep the bugs away, but I'd never thought about my other starchy things. I'm off to investigate, but I'm cringing thinking about the bug herd that I may encounter. Wish me luck! Thanks for rubbing your genius off on me, friend, and thanks for stopping by. Miss ya!


  14. We too love some Wickles at our house.

    For the bugs...pour a small cup of red wine and leave it out for a day. They will all flock to it and then you sneak it out of the kitchen when they are not looking. I have seriously had good results with this method.

  15. Sarah Barry, glad to hear I'm not the only one keeping Wickles in business ;) VERY interesting to hear about your red wine method of bug removal. I just so happen to have a little red wine left from something I cooked, so I'll try that today. I'll report back and let you know how it goes. You always have such fabulous ideas!


  16. Fruit flys.... get a little bowl and put saran wrap over it and put a little hole in it so they can fly into it. But first you might want to put something in the bowl... haha I think we use apple cider vinegar. Or you could use a piece fruit! fancy that. My mom uses fruit. My sister uses vinegar. People on the internet use honey and cheap wine.

    Hope that helps!!! :)

    As for the ants up top.... vaseline! If they are coming into the house from multiple places... some people say put black pepper where they are entering or scented talcum powder!


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