Sunday, May 6, 2012

Journey to the capital: Arlington, WWII Memorial, the Capitol, and various randoms

Last trip post...I promise!

{standing guard at Arlington National Cemetery}

{fun fact: Up to three people can be buried under each headstone at Arlington.}

{Tomb of the Unknowns}

{changing of the guard}

{saw quite a few of these pretty the rough texture}

{Capitol dome with scaffolding around "Freedom" on top}

{Looking up into the Rotunda takes my breath away every. single. time.}

{intricate detailing at the top of the columns outside}

{This painting circles the entire Rotunda and illustrates the history of of my favorite details in the Rotunda}

{America the beautiful}

{I think the WWII Memorial is spectacular.}

{We took nearly 300 people to eat here...5 floors of mall, 6:00 PM...try not to be jealous.}

{While at the Jefferson Memorial, we saw three green and white helicopters headed our way. We knew they were the Marine One helicopters since those never fly alone. They swooped right around us and headed straight to the White House. The first one veered off to the right, and this one landed on the lawn. See the people waiting at the bottom entrance of the White House? We're pretty positive President Obama was in this helicopter and that those people were waiting to greet him. Very, very cool moment.}

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