Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ladies who lunch

Many moons (aka, several weeks) ago, the women's group at Mimi and Grandad's church held their annual tea party. I've been going to the tea party with Mimi since I was wee, aside from some years in college when I was too far away to make the trip.

Helping with something like this really makes you appreciate all that goes into it. Packing up your finest tablewares, carting them to the church, setting them up, packing up all the dirty dishes to wash at home (ick), hoping and praying that you make it home with all of your mama's silver and your great-grandmother's teacups...yikes. This is high stakes stuff, folks!

It's such a lovely event. Every hostess is in charge of her own table: inviting people, decorating, providing place settings, serving tea and dessert. China sparkles. Big hats abound. It's a fun time.

This year's tea party was especially crowded. Since Mimi and Grandad's church was destroyed by the tornado last year, another local church has offered them a temporary church home. This year's gathering served two churches...about 150 ladies. That's a lot of tea! And chicken salad...don't forget the chicken salad. Fact: you absolutely cannot gather a group of Southern ladies for an event such as this and not serve chicken salad. I can't even imagine the riot that would result if you tried.

Cousin Sarah and I kept each other company since Mimi was serving as one of the head hostesses. I love these two girls!

{Meems and me}

What a fun day! This girl loves any excuse to wear a gigantic hat. :)


  1. Love the tea party! I want to go! Something so special about eating on good china and pretty crystal...think it makes the food taste better. Love southern hospitality. What a fun day and a wonderful tradition with your Mimi! And I agree, who doesn't love to wear a fun gigantic hat!

  2. Hello sweet friend,
    Our church used to do a similar event at Christmas. Women would sign up for a table and bring all the decorations, china, silver, etc. I wish we had not gotten away from that event.
    I hope you are enjoying every minute of your vacation. Something tells me you are!

  3. Elizabeth, I feel like girls our age don't have many events and we so should! Life's too short to not eat off of good china every now and then ;) I know you've been known to wear a big hat yourself...I think we should try to bring them back in style. A hat revolution of sorts! Haha, I hope yall are getting nice and settle in your new home (and city! and state!).

    Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Annesta, it's a ton of work but such a lovely event to look forward to every year. I am certainly enjoying my break and, now that I've gotten some of this laziness out of my system, I hope to do some things worth documenting :)

    Thanks for stopping by, dear friend!



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