Thursday, July 19, 2012

Deep thoughts by 50 Cent

Remember Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey? I used to smile when I'd see that pop up during SNL reruns. Some of them are very clever, and are also pretty handy. Now I know what to do if my keys fall in a river of lava. That's need-to-know information, folks!

I saw this clip of an interview with 50 Cent and was taken quite aback, in a good way. I don't often think about 50 Cent, but when I do, I've honestly never seen him as a man of faith. The little I know about him led me to be very surprised when I watched this:

Either pray or worry, but don't do both. How true! This is something I've gotten better at in the past few years, but I have plenty of room for improvement. How about you?

Think what you want about him, but what he said is true. Thanks, Fitty, for the words of wisdom.

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