Friday, July 20, 2012

Whole30 : Day 6 & 7

I'm feeling really, really good these days. No more headache (woohoo!) and tons of energy, which is a very nice change from the first days of this adventure! I'm also starting to enjoy the prep work that goes into my meals. All the chopping and cooking is more trouble than opening a box or a bag, but if it helps me feel this good, I think it's worth the trouble. I'm starting to have fun with this!

Day 6 (7/19):
  • breakfast -- green smoothie (water, spinach, flax seeds, half an avocado, one frozen banana, frozen blueberries)
  • lunch -- salad from Chipotle (lettuce, carnitas, green salsa, guacamole)...thanks for buying lunch, Mom!
  • snack -- Key Lime Pie Larabar (I was not a fan of this wasn't bad, but not something I want to eat again)
  • supper -- leftover Cinnamon Steak, leftover roasted sweet potatoes and carrots

Day 7 (7/20):
  • breakfast -- scrambled eggs (2 whole eggs, 1 egg white), leftover roasted sweet potatoes and carrots
  • lunch -- green smoothie (exactly the same as yesterday, but with the juice from half a lime)
  • snack -- red bell pepper strips
  • supper -- Spaghetti Squash Carbonara (minus the Parmesan)
The Spaghetti Squash Carbonara ended up being very good. I wasn't sold when I first started mixing everything together because it needed some serious seasoning. Enter: salt and lots of red pepper flakes. MUCH better. I bought nitrate-free (and lots of other stuff-free) bacon to make sure it was Whole30 compliant. I also used a paper towel to blot as much grease from the cooked bacon as possible to make sure it was Julie-compliant :) I like bacon, but I'm certainly no fan of greasy bacon. I used only half of the bacon in the package. I think one pound like the recipe calls for would be way too much and would overwhelm the squash. The recipe says to leave 3/4 of the bacon grease in the pan to saute the onion/garlic, but I drained as much of it as I could. The onion/garlic cooked fine. When I make this again, I'll probably only use half an onion.

With a few tweaks, I think this one is a keeper!


  1. I'm so very,very proud of you. You are just doing amazing and I'm so glad you are posting. I'm getting inspired and may just join you on this endevour.

  2. This is so great! You are inspiring me!!

  3. Annesta, thanks so much for keeping up with me every step of the way! I'm glad you don't mind my posts. I know they're probably not the most interesting thing to read, but it helps me to keep a record of this experience. If you do decide to join me, I've got LOTS of tips for you! Learned the hard way, of course :)


  4. Morgan!! I was so excited to see a post from's been so long! I hope you'll find something you like or can use. Maybe, just maybe, you'll dive in head first and join me :) Thanks so much for stopping by!



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