Friday, February 15, 2013

Thankful Thursday, now that it's Friday and all

When Thursday involves an ice cream sundae party for 27 fifth graders, your first Valentine's Day with your handsome boyfriend, cooking up a homemade feast for said boyfriend, and trying to track down your social butterfly grandmother to wish her a happy 29th birthday, it's okay to do Thankful Thursday on Friday, right?

Today I am thankful for...

  • the good Lord
  • my handsome, thoughtful, wonderful B
  • my sweet family and friends
  • another birthday for my sweet Mimi yesterday, and the fact that I was finally able to get her on the phone about 9:30 last night...I adore her and I hope she plans on having many, many more birthdays
  • a roof over my head, clean running water, food in my fridge, clothes in my closet, shoes on my feet, hot showers, soap, a comfy bed, a paid-off car, enough money to take care of my needs, my computer, my phone
  • being literate and an opportunity every week to help a hard-working, upbeat gentleman improve his reading skills
  • my job, my sweet (and very active) schoolbabies, coworkers who make me laugh every day
  • the fact that my Valentine's Day supper turned out well...braised beef short ribs (fall-off-the-bone deliciousness), homemade mashed potatoes (lumpy perfection), corn (B loves it), and Oreo balls (um, yum)
  • the swoon-worthy handwritten message in my card from B last night...he made sure the message in my card was nice and long and heartfelt because he knew it was exactly what I wanted...he couldn't have gotten me anything I would've loved more! 
  • a wide-open weekend to look forward to
  • finally feeling well and back to normal...praise the Lord!
  • moving day in one month!
  • my tiny little home and the memories I've made here over the last 5 years...I know I'll be a little sad to leave, but sometimes change is a very good thing
  • vitamins
  • long walks
  • great music
  • a new issue of Food Network magazine in my mailbox yesterday...awesome idea for a Christmas present, Maw and Paw!
  • the incredibly fun tax game I played with my students last week and this week...they hated having to give their Skittles to Queen Johnston, but I know they enjoyed the game (especially when they finally got to eat their Skittles today)...hoping they learned something from the experience!
  • the sweet, sweet Valentine's Day cards and goodies I got from my schoolbabies yesterday
  • pretty daffodils and tulips and chirpy birds that remind me that spring is just around the corner
  • a bit of beautiful weather to end the week after days of rain
  • the COLD weather forecasted for this weekend...I'm determined to enjoy it even though I'm so ready for sunshine and 60 degrees 
  • Downton Abbey
  • inspiration to re-read Redeeming Love...Nicole, thanks for reminding me how awesome that book is
  • a birthday lunch for Mimi and Mama planned Sunday
  • the chance to rest and relax and read and clean and catch up on life this weekend


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