Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for...
  • the good Lord
  • my sweet, handsome B and all the fun he brings to my world
  • my lovely family and friends
  • one week until spring break
  • my job, my incredible schoolbabies who keep me on my toes, my coworkers
  • a roof over my head, clothes in my closet, shoes on my feet, clean running water, food in my fridge, a comfortable bed, a jacket to keep me warm on these unnecessarily cold days, my phone, my computer, a paid-off and dependable car
  • enough money to cover my needs
  • my sewing machine
  • experiences that keep me humble, like B having to tell me that, while I did a BEAUTIFUL job sewing his patches on, my placement was off...and the only way to fix that was to completely pull the patches off and start over...awesome...color me humbled :)
  • my seam ripper
  • my Brita pitcher
  • prayers
  • reminders to keep in touch with my family and friends and to tell them often how much I love just never know, folks...
  • The Bible miniseries on History Channel...I'm hooked after one episode and can't wait to see the rest
  • laughter
  • some nice warm sunshine today!
  • springing forward an hour this weekend...will miss that extra sleep fo sho, but can't WAIT to have more sunshine in my life
  • one week until spring break
  • vitamins
  • lotion...winter and my skin hate each other
  • a successful D.C. parent meeting Tuesday night...while staying at school from 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM is never on my short list of favorite things, it went well and now I feel like the hardest part is over
  • being literate and getting back to my regular tutoring schedule next week
  • comfortable shoes
  • Pinterest
  • the chance to see a sweet friend (and her babes) this weekend!
  • a weekend OFF for B and a chance to spend some time with him
  • gorgeous weather forecasted for this weekend
  • seeing this letter on my door today....basically, I have to have my bedroom closet and my laundry "nook" and my entire bathroom completely empty by next Wednesday so that they can replace the pipes...a crew will be working in every, single apartment to replace the water pipes...looks like they'll still be here when I get home after work...awesome...just the latest in a LONG list of reasons why I'm thankful to be moving out and moving on in 2 weeks
  • one week until spring break

HAPPY WEEKEND, yall! Get out there and do something fun!

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