Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for...

  • the good Lord, and the moving & shaking that's going on in my life these days...sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it, but I'm stepping out on faith and letting Him lead
  • my family and friends and loved ones
  • my health, and the health of my loved ones
  • a roof over my head, central heat in my little home, hot showers, clean running water, food in my fridge, shoes on my feet, clothes in my closet, appliances and gadgets and doodads that make my life easier
  • my washer and dryer
  • coats, gloves, and scarves that keep me warm
  • living in a place where the cold weather never lasts long...I love cold weather as long as I'm nice and warm and cozy...if I'm not, forget about it!
  • my job, my supportive coworkers, and the 27 little people that I spend more time with than I do with anybody else in my life
  • getting to hold a darling baby kangaroo at school to come
  • enough money to take care of my needs
  • some big changes in how I choose to spend my money
  • a fun girls night at the Jarrell ranch last Sunday
  • my Auburn Tigers headed to their 2nd national championship in 3 years...I'm so proud of them I could just bust!!!
  • friends who love me and let me know that I'm loved
  • getting to surprise my secret Santa with some fun goodies this week :)
  • happy memories
  • Christmas cards in the mail every day
  • my new essential oils and diffuser...I'm having the best time experimenting with them...thanks a million billion for hooking me up, Emily!!!
  • sweet Byrne and Ashley ending my decade-long streak of going to church by thankful that I have them to go to church with now
  • a rough week...makes me thankful for all the other weeks that were (and will be) lovely and fun
  • being literate, and a great study session with Mr. L. this week
  • this video, which reminds me how spoiled I actually am, and how mindful I want to be to look out for others instead of myself 
  • being a part of the 5th grade team, and the way everyone banded together to provide a coworker and her family three baskets full of "we love you" treats
  • all my friends who are growing or raising babies...I'm in awe of them and the amazing job they're doing
  • an easy, uneventful week of morning duty
  • Lauren's "Healthy Thru The Holidays"'s been so fun to check in with the other girls on the team every day
  • fun plans the next two weekends
  • getting in a short jog today
  • ...if you've never visited, there's plenty there to make you smile
  • my Christmas tree
  • all the many, many things I get to do by myself now because that'll make me appreciate NOT doing things by myself someday
  • my tidy little home
  • the smell of cinnamon
  • peace and contentment 

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