Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for:

  • my family and friends
  • lazy, glorious, wonderful summertime!
  • the delightful nap I just woke up from
  • being done with the $160 (yes, $160!) GRE, even though I can't find a straight answer on whether my scores are good enough...if they want my combined score, I'm fine...if they want individual scores, I may be retaking this bad boy since my math score was kinda, bless-her-heart-she-had-to-guess-on-all-but-five-of-them, ugly
    (*update: The UAB lady just called me back and said my combined score is good enough to get in! Such a relief! I'm glad I don't have to pay to take that mess again.*)
  • my health
  • time to read! There aren't many things that make me happier than my weekly library visits during the summer. Nerd? Most likely. Do I care? Not a bit.
  • the fact that Joran Van Der Sloot is finally (hopefully) getting what he deserves...I just hate that another girl had to die in order to get him locked up...all the officials in Aruba who dropped the ball with Natalee Holloway now have blood on their hands, in my very humble opinion
  • getting to visit with Ms. Juanita at the fabric store today...she helped me pick out my first sewing machine last summer and always asks me to bring my projects in for her to see...she fussed at me today for not having something to show her, so I'll have to get on it!
  • Rue McClanahan...I'm not ashamed to admit that I adore "The Golden Girls" and have seen almost every episode...when I heard that Rue died today, I felt like I'd lost a family member :( She'll be missed very much!

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