Friday, June 4, 2010

this morning

I went for a jalk (jog-walk) this morning (at 7:00! woohoo me!) and noticed a precious little robin trying to pick up a worm off the road to take home to her hungry babies. I stopped to watch and thought, "My, that sure is a large worm! What a good mama she is." I moved a little closer...not a worm! Not a worm at all! Nope. Baby snake. A. Baby. Snake. I don't do snakes. I know they eat rodents, and that this is indeed a good thing. I'm actually fine with them being in nature. I just don't everevereverever want to see them. And I did today. And I'm done talking about it.

A while after my jalk, I needed to take care of a few chores. I put my iTunes on shuffle to keep me company and this song came on: Heart, "Alone" Little known fact: for as long as I can remember, I've dreamed about singing this song karaoke-style. As long as it's playing really loudly, I sound exactly like Ann Wilson when I sing along. Well, in my head I do. Since the song was already playing, I decided to practice for my karaoke debut while unloading the dishwasher. I was sounding especially good today when I heard a knocking coming from my downstairs neighbor. I hit "pause" and realized he was knocking on his ceiling to get me to hush. Yikes. He apparently doesn't share my love for Heart and obviously has no karaoke dreams of his own. I hope I get a much different reaction from the crowd when I take the stage someday.

PS--If you've never seen this music video, take a few minutes to watch it. It's 80s gold.

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  1. Now if you want PURE 80s check this one out

    it is not the same as the radio version, but still weird - or this one - Irishmen with overalls & no shirts

    or this for just weird

    this is what MTV used to be - keep in mind me & your mother used to watch this stuff in the wee hours when we had to get up & feed you & Daniel...kind of explains a lot of things eh?


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