Thursday, July 29, 2010

"If we had a bulletin board, we'd put your picture on it!"

I did my weekly CVS/Publix shopping today, and encountered a character at CVS. I went up to the register determined to branch out into the multiple transactions arena. I told him my plan and he said, "Oooohhh, you're one of those!" As he rang up my stuff and then scanned my coupons/Extra Bucks, he got really excited and started calling out the new total. When he was done, he told me if they had a bulletin board, they'd put my picture on it. He seemed more excited than I was. He also mentioned that he'd only been there 3 months, but when he'd gotten in 6 months, he was going to bring his bulletin board idea up to his boss. I love meeting people with that much personality; he was a hoot!

Total before coupons/EB: $48.29 Total after coupons/EB: $29.46

(Sorry if this is mind-numbingly boring; I keep track of this as a record for myself.) Here's the breakdown: I perused the weekly ad to see what the deals were this week. Thankfully, some of the items I needed were EB deals or on sale. Then I dug through my coupons. I had coupons for Scott t.p. and Colgate toothbrushes (my fave kind, at that!) that were fixing to expire; luckily, those items were on sale this week. The sunscreen was an EB deal: buy 2, get $10 in EB. I use that sunscreen every day (I've made peace with the fact that I'm a white girl and can't tan...might as well use sunscreen so I'll have stellar skin when I'm old!) so I took advantage and bought 2.

I went to the register armed with my coupons and $8 in old EB. My first transaction was just the sunscreen. I paid full price ($21.78), and tore off the $10 EB on my receipt. I paid for the rest of the stuff in the next transaction. I used my old $8 EB, my new $10 EB, and my coupons. I got 12 mega rolls of t.p., pore strips, 2 toothbrushes, and some girly items (that didn't quite make it into the picture) for $7.68! So exciting! And I earned $6.99 in EB from that transaction to use by the end of August.

I made a trip to Publix next, and didn't do quite as well as expected. I still saved nearly $13, though. They just didn't have much on sale this week that I needed or had coupons for. I still have some things to figure out with Publix, though I still think I'm saving money versus when I was a Wal-Mart girl.

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