Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for:
  • family and friends

  • my health

  • this last, precious little bit of summertime

  • my early birthday Depot date/cupcake party with Sash yesterday...thanks, Sash!

  • my birthday being lots to celebrate!

  • a sweet last-year student willing to come help me in my classroom today

  • the cleaning frenzy I've been on this past week...I feel so much better when things are neat and organized
  • little Willy V finally getting to leave the NICU and come home this week...what a blessing!

  • my new purple vacuum cleaner...sounds sad, but I really do love it

  • getting accepted to graduate school...ready to get started

  • fun plans Saturday...lunch with the fam, Kate visiting, Project Uplift date to the Eric Church concert...way excited!

  • the funny birthday card Laura mailed me...she knows I'm a weirdo and loves me anyway, because she's a weirdo, too
  • our last kickball game or lose (probably lose), we go to the playoffs next week...the fact that a team who may be sporting an 0-10 record can go to the playoffs makes me smile


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