Sunday, August 1, 2010

birthday weekend recap

I turned 25 on Friday, and had the most incredible weekend to celebrate my milestone birthday. Here's the (stream-of-consciousness) rundown:

Lunch at the Depot/cupcakes at school with Sasha on Thursday. Birthday in Tuscaloosa with Mom and Denny J. Bought some great books for my classroom. Birthday lunch with Mom at Taco Casa (where else?). Locked my keys in my car (first time Enchiladas and sangria for birthday supper. "Official" birthday lunch on Saturday with Mom, Denny J, Mimi, Grandad, Bubba, and Olivia. Chicken & grits, green beans, and pavlova for dessert. So very, very good. Thoughtful presents, including my much longed for boots. So excited! Back to Bham. Overnight guest named Kate. DQ with Kira, Oliver, and Princess Elizabeth (who's now smiling and cooing...such talent in that child!). So fun! Rogue Tavern for supper with Byrne, Guy, and fellow concert-goers. Really hot...disgustingly humid...occasional breeze...but mostly just really hot. Kinda like trying to breathe through a hot, damp towel. Try it sometime. Eric Church concert at Sloss Furnace. Sweat. Lots and lots and lots of people. More sweat. Worried my cuteness is fading. Will Hoge opened. Dripping. Waited an eternity for Eric Church to come out. Hair in a ponytail, wiping off every trace of makeup, no longer concerned with looking cute or even remotely human. Eric Church played. Phenomenal and absolutely worth the wait. Love him. Truly one of the highlights of my year. Slimed on by countless sweaty, shirtless people. Once home, 3 glasses of water and a shower were required immediately upon walking through the door. I don't yet feel human again. SO worth it, though!

I had such a fabulous, fun weekend! I am more blessed than I deserve to be. I've got one more week of freedom, some things to sew, and a quick trip to the glorious state of Tennessee before I rejoin the workforce. Plus, Shark Week starts tonight :) It's been such a great summer!

PS--Is there such a thing as sweat-communicable diseases? I'm going to look into this. If I never touch another sweaty, smelly, sticky, slimy person again in this lifetime, it'll be too soon. Ick.

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