Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fifty and fabulous!

Yesterday, my darling daddy (aka, DennyJ) had a birthday. And it was a big one. One of those milestone kinda birthdays. We decided to do something a little out of the ordinary to celebrate his fifty years of life. Mom, Daniel, and I spread the word to some folks and had them meet us at Pepito's for supper. Only, we didn't tell DennyJ. Hehehehe. He had himself a little surprise party, and I think he was most delighted. There was a great turnout...he's a popular fella!

We had such a good time. Good food (I unknowingly ordered a burrito of Man vs. Food proportions...embarrassing), good friends, good times. I'm so glad everyone took a few hours of their night to spend with DennyJ. He got some pretty sweet presents from the fam, too. Case in point: I got him a magnet strip for kitchen knives that attaches to the wall. He said he was glad to have it because, should he ever need to engage in a knife fight, he'll have easier access to them. Goober.

I adore DennyJ. He's seriously one of the wisest, most patient, funniest people I know. I won't go on and on because I know he (sometimes...I think...) reads this and would be embarrassed to read a novel about himself. I hope he's planning to stick around for at least 50 more years (if not 100 more...get you some vitamins!). Happy happy birthday, Daddy!

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