Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A God thing

I'm getting a new student tomorrow. At least I have a day's notice! We usually learn about new students when they arrive at our classrooms. All of my students have a number, and I always put new kids at the end of the number list, even if their last name starts with a "B". Just makes my life easier. The new student was going to be #28 regardless of his name. However, he's a "Y", making him the LEGITIMATE #28 in our classroom. He fits right in already, and we've never even met him. I deem this both a God thing and a good omen. Don't ya think? We're excited to welcome him into our crazy bunch! (Fred is going to be #28's special buddy tomorrow. This will be fun to watch.)

PS--Day 6 with no sugar up in my bod. I'm feeling less and less like my world is caving in around me. This is progress, no?

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