Sunday, January 9, 2011


As I sit here this frigid Sunday afternoon, listening to the sleet hit my windows, I felt like sharing an experience I had this morning. We're expected to get a little snow and ice tonight and tomorrow, and, as is completely standard for the Heart of Dixie, people are FREAKING. OUT. I stopped in at The Bad Place this morning on my way to church to get gloves* and batteries, and was nearly run over in the cracker aisle by a lady with a buggy full of groceries. Perhaps today was her usual shopping day; I don't know. Girlfriend had 3 loaves of bread and 4 gallons of milk in her buggy, along with various other non-perishable items. She was demanding someone on the other end of her cell phone to get together the flashlights and batteries. Here's the kicker: she told that lucky someone to scrub out the bathtub ("not with that bleach stuff!") so they could fill it up with water later so they would have something to drink. Seriously? It drives me crazy how much people panic when snow is forecast. We're expected to get 1-4" with some ice thrown in. Whatever we get, ice or snow, will likely be gone by Tuesday.

I love snow and all, but it doesn't make me panic. I don't get worked up about it because, honestly, we rarely get the amount that is called for. I can't count how many times I've gotten excited about "4-6 inches of snow by morning!" only to be left scraping all the snow off the car in order to make one snowball. I've been burned before, and it leaves scars. Perhaps I should pursue this in therapy. I'm sure we'll get SOMETHING, but, unlike the lady at The Bad Place, I don't anticipate having to drink water from my bathtub. I just wish my school system would cancel school tonight so that I don't have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow to check!

*The Bad Place didn't have any gloves. At all. Not even one pair. The lady I talked to said they got rid of them to make room for spring January. It reminded me of why I despise The Bad Place.

PS--I may be totally wrong and we may be completely snowed in tomorrow. Yall have every right to say "I told you so!" while I desperately suck water from my toilet because the pipes froze and I didn't take time to fill up my tub.

PPS--The only thing that makes me feel panicked is the thought that my power may go out. I'm not scared of being cold or in the dark, but I am scared about missing the National Championship game tomorrow night. If my power's out, I plan to drive south and stop at the first house with a working TV. That may just be you, so leave room on the couch for me. Save me some snacks, too!


  1. This was hilarious!!! I don't prefer to shop at the bad place either. Your friend in the cracker aisle sounds like quite the character...I am sure it would be entertaining to be snowed in with her family! We are ready for the snow in Huntsville...Little Bit has his snow suit ready, although we are not filling our tub up with water...haha. Hoping we don't lose power so can watch game as well!! War Eagle!

  2. Ha ha I love it. Tell me about panic-stricken. People came to CVS trying to get their meds 1 to 2 WEEKS early in case they got SNOWED in! I politely informed them that I was (almost completely, like bet $1000 on it) that they would be able to get here sometime in the next 2 WEEKS! Crazy folks :) I hope you are carving out Friday night/Saturday for me this weekend :)


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