Monday, January 17, 2011

Particularly toothsome

Both of my adorable old-school cookbooks use the phrase "particularly toothsome" a lot. Read: very tasty. I don't know how I feel about "toothsome". Something about it makes me cringe, and its cringeworthiness is probably the reason we've developed suitable alternatives. On the other hand, it's different and fun, and that makes me want to give it another chance. Hmm. Dilemma.

Last night I put something together that could be described as particularly toothsome. I made PDub's Beef Stew with Mushrooms. Surprisingly easy, and particularly toothsome. The meat ended up being so tender that I could cut it with my spoon...yum. Definitely adding this one to my repertoire of recipes. PDub serves hers over noodles, but I did not. I ate a salad so as to get some veggies in my life. I've got plenty of leftovers, so I'm contemplating making some of PDub's Creamy Goat Cheese Polenta today to go with the stew. I've never made it before, but it looks very easy and particularly toothsome. I'll report back.

Completely unrelated: my favorite moment of the Golden Globes last night was totally unexpected but put a huge smile on my face.

"Thank you to public school teachers. You don't get paid like it, but you're doing the most important job in America." Ian Brennan, Co-Creator of Glee, said during his Golden Globe acceptance speech. [Insert huge smile here. I may have enough motivation to go back to work tomorrow.]


  1. aw!! I loved that too!! So true, Miss J! Golden Globes were awesome - now I have a list of about 10 movies I want to see! sheesh!

  2. That'll give me a little steam to head back into work tomorrow after a long weekend :) I know, watching awards shows always makes me want to go straight out to the movies. I saw "The King's Speech" today and LOVED it. Loved it so much I want to see it's that good. If that's on your list, drag that hubs of yours out to see it!

  3. That stew over the polenta sounds AWESOME! Anything that mixes mushrooms and cheese and polenta must be particularly toothsome. Also, for some reason the word toothsome has always made me think of saber-toothed tigers. no idea why.

  4. AC, I ended up making the polenta and it was particularly toothsome. It was my first attempt so there were some lumps, but I'll do better next time. Both recipes are worth making next time you're in the mood for something new!

    And thanks for the saber-toothed tiger visual. I will forever associate it with toothsome.


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